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Everyone is being told that they are quad-dominant and they end up being prescribed with heaps of hamstring work or they adjust their technique to "load the hamstrings". . What is actually happening is the overloading of the vastus lateralis or the outer portion of your quads. This comes from excessive pushing out of the knees as well. . What you should be aiming for is the use of the VMOs as that is what will stabilise the knees but also allow the adductors to function properly in any movement involving leg drive. . This also allows the muscles of the deep front line to be properly engaged to stabilise the spine when lifting. . So you should still use your quads. But make sure you are using them appropriately and probably everything else will fall into place. . #anatomy

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One of the dioramas that I based my crowd paintings on. I spent a long while researching the way people behave in crowded places: - trajectory , posture / common clothing etc.. and condensed the information into these tiny abstracted figures. . . #melbourne #australianart #inspiration #beinartgallery #metro_gallery #painting #photorealism #fineart #surrealism #painting #beautifulbizarremagazine #hifructosemag #juxtapoz #artsanity #fineart #artFido #studio #instagood #diorama #arts_help #art_spotlight #instaart #worldofartists #_talent #blackandwhite #art_muse_page #picoftheday #anatomy #sculpture

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This is what a geek like me spends their birthday money on(thanks mum & dad!). But it is all for the advancement of my education in drawing and painting. It takes time, money and a lot of patience to educate yourself and it's a hard journey to keep yourself putting one foot in front of the other. I set my art goals in years, my last goal time frame was seven years and I got there. Yeah, it's slow going but the rewards at the end start to pay off. There is a very long way for me to go but that is the journey I have to take. #anatomy #skull #ricksquiggles

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Finally got ahold of a new copy of Anatomy by Joseph Sheppard. I used to own this book when I was younger and since that seems to have gone missing, I bought this one. It's a great resource for beginning artists so I'm stoked to be able to study it again.

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Portrait Study 11 (Ryan) Charcoal on Newsprint, 18x24, 2017 Thanks to the handsome @ryan_board_ for coming in to model!

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