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4 minutes ago

Sunday vibes 💕👌🏼 I have this huge fascination for learning everything that I can about how the human body works. I started this piece when I was in A&P 1 learning about all the bones that make up the skull. 😍 I haven't stitched in quite some time, but I have a series of anatomical hoops in my brain and I hope to bring them to life in the warmer seasons! 💀🌷

10 minutes ago

We appreciate fine art, especially when it comes to our favorite field! Codex Anatomicus (@codexanatomicus) provides a big collection of antique anatomy illustrations that range from general human anatomy, to more specific things like heart and brain structures, skeletal and vascular systems. The art prints are inspired by original old books and manuscripts. The illustrations are printed on a high-quality branded Lomond paper. They make wonderful home decoration and gift for doctors, surgeons, anatomists, medical students, physicians etc. They ship worldwide and currently running a buy 1 get 1 free offer on all prints ordered on their website - www.codexanatomy.com/ Make sure to check their awesome prints, link's on our bio.

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