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Worte something simple and short to start this week. I hope y'all like it, what is your favourite memory of your childhood.

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- Eviction Notice -

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In the darkest hour of the night, When he had no pen paper to write. He look into her eyes with a grin, And chose to write on her skin. He took off the sheets, her body expose, Turned her around, in a perfect pose. His fingers swiftly moved with every word, Her moans were soft, but not unheard. A poem on his mind, but a story in her head, She began breathing heavily, like she was possessed. The fingers moved touched every where, Every corner and curve, She had been a patience slate, waiting for what she deserve. His poem finished and he turned his around, Her lips were trembling making no sound. So he touched her lip with own, Every thought, every vision was gone. Now it was just love dancing on the love song.

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Κυκλοφορεί το Νοέμβριο! #βιβλίο #λογοτεχνία #κοινωνικό #ρομαντικό #ελληνική_λογοτεχνια #ρομαντικη_λογοτεχνια #έρωτας #ΕκδοσειςΑεναον #συγγραφέας #εκδοση #γράφω #γραφω_για_να_ζω #ζω_για_να_γραφω #Amwriting #writerslife

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He passed the blood-stained field With tearful eyes Lost were his companions And there was just death for miles. Pleading for relief and shrieks were dominant Conquering the triumphant victory Was no bliss but just a deadly gloom Screening the grief and misery. He didn’t give a thought To how bravely he had fought Instead he cursed the war As to what it had brought. He could see his family approaching His son who reached him first Asked him a simple question But answer to it was none. What was the outcome of the war? What good to the nation had it done Who can claim that this was a victory? When so many brave hearts were gone. The answer to this may seem simple enough But it is just an imaginary explanation Wars are just a custom continuing since old days And a soldiers’ death is a tribute to the country and salutation. #tributetosoldiers #soldier #writersblock #berozgaar_lekhak

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