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5 minutes ago

This is one of my pieces that will be going up for sale at The Shed Leicester! 💜

10 minutes ago

The last two months ive spent letting go of negative emotions, the ones that held me down and made me the bitter angry person i was, anything could set me off and make me go crazy, i honestly dont know what happen but i woke up one day and let it all go, i stopped caring about who was there and who wasnt, realizing i didnt need people too be happy, and i was just happy to be alive and enjoy my life for myself, im very grateful to the people ive met and the few people i still care about, but as for outside of those theres nothing and no one too ever hurt me. Spiritual transition has been a hell of a ride but im happy im going thru it.... I just plan to grow from here and take back parts of myself i lost in all the anger. #spiritualtransition #newbegining #findingmyself #positive #better #mentalhealth #straightedge #alt

11 minutes ago

"Are you gonna kiss me or not?"

12 minutes ago

So! I'm going to be having some of my artwork displayed at The Shed and it'll be going up for sale! ✨my art account is @cpu_art if you wanna check out some of my stuff 🎨

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