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since i post in 3's and this is my 100th post it's going to be deleted here shortly. i just want to thank those of you who support what i do, and notice the work i put in. i'm trying to become a better photographer every day. i want 2017 to be a year full of obstacles overcome, like first upgrading my camera haha. by the end of the year i will have traveled to new places and i hope my work grows as i do. there's a lot of dope things coming from me in 2017 and i hope you're all still there to watch it happen. regardless of what holds me back i'll still try my best to push forward! i've set goals for myself that no one will know about except me. watch me make this year my bitch. ✌🏽️ thanks guys // #35mm #igdaily #igwichita #agameoftones #pursuitofportraits #doubleexposureportrait #nikon #portrait #portraitpage #theartofvisual #doubleexposure

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I wake up not feeling myself. I'll keep going. || #evii

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It's all in the background

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Riding in the back seat with dad, on our way to adventure. beautiful shot by @vlwingfield

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Capture the moment, tag the last person you 📸 ! - - #cre8toelev8

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