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As hubby gathers the rest of his things before we head off to the airport God says to me "Prince of Egypt!" I scroll through my phone and find a prophecy Gary Morgan had for my husband last year and wow I'm blown away 😭😭. Gary calls my husband out by his date of birth and without even knowing his name God just gives Gary 'Prince of Egypt' (Moses in the bible is Prince of Egypt, my husbands name is Moses 😂). Gary says "I feel like the Lord is talking to this guy who's felt like they've been in Egypt but the Lord wants to invite you into the Promise Land. And I feel like as Moses led those across the red sea so the Lord is releasing you to take the captivists into a place of freedom... and the Lord wants to release on you right now an impartation and empowerment that you truly are the guy God has called to do what you do. And no longer are you gonna be in a season of strife but the Lord says you're coming into a season of LIFE." Woahhh! How amazing is Papa God?! He knows you so well, He knew this time was coming and that you're the perfect person to go out there and gather his people back to him, back to a place of complete freedom! @vavemoses Have the best time with Jesus, I'm in awe of His faithfulness and goodness to you and the mercy He showers upon you everyday. We'll be praying for you, and we'll miss you so much but God is so proud of you!! #KingdomAdventures . . . . . . . . #Jesus #awakeningeurope #God #HolySpirit #prophecy #testimony #dearestviewfinder #inbeautyandchaos #thesweetlifeunscripted #thebloomforum #lightinspired #christianity #JesusChrist #adventureawaits #instapassport #nikontop #thedarlingmovement #thesincerestoryteller

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One of my favourite times of the day.

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Walking all around the base of this magnificent rock, it was easy to understand why it is such a sacred place to the indigenous owners #ntaustralia #redcentrent

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"Bring me the marshmallows" he says 👞🔥

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