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I did this about a year ago for a show about the healing power of art. I don't think I knew what it was when I did it. Today I think the figure on the right has been destroyed by X, represented by the white fracture. Whether that person is being ripped apart or put back together in this scene may not matter. Maybe the focal point is actually the woman on the left who is there for her friend, to help put back the pieces. #modernart #torontoartist #instaart #abstractart #psyart #psychedelicart #visionaryart

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Хочется смотреть и трогать. Сначала думаешь о том, что эту работу неплохо было бы иметь дома, но потом вспоминаешь, что ты типа художник и можешь всё сам. Ну сам так сам 😁 #art #abstractart #abstraction

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*EARLY WORK* ---- "Sometimes I'm somewhere at the ends of my own infinite looking out into the illustrious abyss of vast nothingness. Thinking. Thinking about the almost there's & what could have been. The faces you never seem to show me. So much left up to interpretation & decipher. Man I LVXE this. A long far time ago I met the girl of my LOUDEST DRRMS. Twin flame runner. She inspired my Kokoro in ways I only get to share shimmered glimpses of my universe. It's a fable within real life within itself. But when I get her Kokoro you'll know. Until then this is my greatest story, I call it The Ends Of Infinite. If you LVXE someone don't give up! Enjoy. Peace beyond beats. Dieu Uno." - LUFTRA ---- Sharpie marker on acid free paper ---- "Dead Roses" ---- *EARLY WORK*

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