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Ain't it doe. 🤐 I've been sitting here lying to my Self Pretending it's all cool - just fake it. The cheap laughs and fake grins It's what you gotta do - just take it. No one cares about your shame, your sorrows and your grief, better cover up those bite marks from his teeth. I'm sick of faking it, this stupid fucking show. I'm sick of living in a world where I'm just seen as some hoe. Here in this place you're feelings don't matter, they'll just swallow you alive - cake with no batter. These bruises mark my body from his hands raging with condemnation, His anger kills me and fills him with elation. This sickness, a brutal force with no witness, unleash the world within me so I may bare to finish. I feel nothing inside me. ----------------------------------- Shout out to the amazing sisters at the #womansmarch standing up for Truth, Justice, and Equality. But really who are we fighting if it's not ourselves? We have collectively co-created this reality, and Donald Trump is the patriarchal tyrant archetype that lives deep within our own hearts. May we find compassion to witness, to heal our wounds, our own imbalances, our own self-hate, so that we can rise with greater balance in our female-male polarities, and co-create a sacred reverence between the sexes. Instead of battling, inflating or deflating one another's egos, what if we lived in a world where men + women bowed down to the sacred gift of human creation before them, and the act of sex was no longer an animalistic impulse but a sacred prayer. What if we found #magic in those dark parts of our psyches, alchemical transfusion in the dusty shadows of shame and grief. You are what you attract. Here's to devoting to more Self-Love this year, honoring the #sacredfeminine within me committing to a deeply nurturing, compassionate, and creative relationship with my Self! 👸 & thank you sooooooooo much to @julianasartofyoga + Michelle Alva for holding such sacred space at the Goddess Gathering last night at @yoga4lifestudios. 🙏🏻❤✨ so healing and deeply cleansing for the soul. Thank you Goddesses! We Rise Together! Love, thank you x a billion. 💋✨💋✨😘✨💋✨💋

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Three years ago, Jeremy Geia was a well-paid political journalist reporting from Australia's capital. Now he is Murrumu Walubara. He has taken a tribal name, renounced Australian citizenship and abandoned two decades' worth of savings. He has returned to his ancestral land in northeast Australia, where he has set about creating an indigenous nation with its own laws and institutions. #aljazeera #Witness #documentary #indigenous #Australia #civilrights

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