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4 minutes ago

We had a very busy weekend full of visiting family and friends 😍 . My heart is full and my tummy is even MORE. But man, my back is not happy with me 😔 . Resting with some ice and Netflix. Very thankful that I don't dread Sunday nights anymore 💘 . #sundaynightblues #aimhighaimtrue

18 minutes ago

I found a few random bones at camp the other night that caught my eye. I started poking around the bushes and found an even bigger pile. I started digging through the bones and came across two small antlers that looked like they belonged to a smaller 2 point that might have fallen off the cliff we were camped right by. The horns are a little ragged but i don't care, I was super excited to find my first matching set of horns!!

18 minutes ago

I wonder how many times we walk right past a sitting deer. Although I did have time to shoot this one, I left him to his camouflage practice ;) #hide #iseeyou

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