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1 week ago

Looking for a beautiful kaftan for your little one? Look how adorable this one on Natalia is from @tutustarz. So cute for Ramadan outings, there is even a matching one for mommy! Grab yours from @tajlifestylecenter @one_roof_popup until June 26th! 🌙✨🌈

1 week ago

Is typing... [@esthallaa txunamy a mom and @txunamy liked] -⭐️ Txunamy is so stunning like WOW😻 -⭐️ In this photo @txunamy is with @mia.d05 go follow them both now for a shoutout!!!!💖 -⭐️ If you want me to give you some tips on editing or whatever , just DM me!!! 😻😻 -⭐️ (I have improved my editing skills)😝 -⭐️ @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy @txunamy #txunamy #txunamy

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