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Last night, Brad went out to feed the animals, only to quickly return, gathering various camera equipment like he was a herd of elephants. Apparently, he's always wanted to photograph the northern lights, so when he noticed them on his trek to the barn, he couldn't resist his first attempt! I feel that this is why we just keep building on our business; we both truly have a passion for photography. I mean, how else can 2 people spend at least 22 hours every.single.day together and stay together?! This isn't the best northern lights photo out there, not even just from last night, here in the Kelowna. But, I love it so much, knowing the little story behind it and the passion that my husband shares with me for what we do. Our business wouldn't be what it is today without both of us, putting our whole hearts into it 💓🌳🌌

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