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Let's stop supporting and propagating the European agenda at the detriment of our carbonated people. If you still have the need to, at least be aware of what's happening. #WAKEUP #STAYWOKE

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Video 2 of 2👉3 weeks after 8 yr old #RelishaRudd went missing, her #mom insisted she was safe which stalled social workers from issuing an #Amberalert So they're looking into whether #ShamikaYoung may have obstructed justice by misleading police. Shamika Said that #WashingtonDC police & government officials have demonized her & “are not treating me the way I should be treated. They have threatened to arrest me. I think they will arrest me, I shouldn’t be treated as the suspect, I deserve to be treated as a victim.” She stressed that the little girl “was not in my care when she went missing. As a mother, I am not going to let someone snatch my daughter and not doing anything about it.” She says that reports claiming SHE forged doctor’s notes to excuse Relisha from school are false. Then She pointed to her own mother, #MelissaYoung & said shes the one who knew #KhalilTatum AND that she committed the forgeries. “I never signed a note, my mother did. I asked her why she wrote it and she couldn’t give a reason,” she was reassured by her mother that Relisha was fine. “I trusted my mother to care for my daughter & she failed me,” adding that #wethepeople “need to look for the truth” on Feb. 10th 2014 #grandmother took Relisha to the Emergency Room. Afterwards she was supposed to stay At #Grandma house until she felt better. Grandma said maybe her writing might have been "misleading" Sometimes M's look like D's & Mr was mistaken for Dr & told "America Tonight" she "did not know" He had been claiming to be a doctor 🤔 Shamika says that her #mother & Tatum “were into something together" & “They were drinking buddies." Her relatives said they spoke to Relisha days before police got involved. Brenda Brown a #family #friend said: “I believe Relisha kept getting sick at the #DCgeneral homeless shelter because Tatum was raping the child, I believe the girl tried to tell her grandmother what was going on, but because her grandmother was friends with Tatum she didn’t do anything about it." 😳 Melissa young said: “Me or my daughter did not sell her baby. That’s how much we love her. I love my granddaughter so much.” #staywoke #usa #vippedophilering #payneelementaryschool

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Happy birthday to the best ticket broker in the game, my mentor and most importantly my best friend. Happy birthday Trung! Stay lit fam #StayWoke

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