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And so are you! We are worth living a fearLESS life. Free from a life of abuse & free from being emotionally destroyed. • Let's educate and empower the NEXT generation. • Let's reach out to the current generation in the midst of their struggles. • Fear is not a way to live. Abuse is NO life. #thecouragecoach #followme

3 days ago

Hi There. It was my Hebrew birthday recently (the Jewish calendar is different than the Gregorian calendar). Typically, around this time, I gravitate towards beating myself up about what I “failed” to accomplish. This year was different. I actually had the peace of mind to realize that this past year was spectacular. We filmed a movie and the bulk of the editing is done. As a person, I’ve grown. There are aspects of myself that have been unlocked which I can’t believe that I did without. Not accepting my lot has been a source of friction that has slowed down the process more than anything. I’ve been coming to terms with who I am and what I have as opposed to who I’m not and what I’m lacking. That all sounds rather cliché but it’s led to daily miracles, or at least my recognizing the blessings that are already there. I’ve hurt myself spiritually, mentally, and physically by not moving gracefully. I’m happier now that I’ve embraced the divine creative flow. I’m focusing on finding the right people to help me finish this project. I need a finishing editor, someone to mix the audio, score the film, and color grade. I’ve been doing way too much on my own. Its to collaborate more. The film is coming. Don’t worry. It’ll be finished at exactly the right time. Have a great weekend! #entitledfilm #selfishbastard #movie #shortfilm #film #indiefilm #independentfilmmaker #indiependentfilmmaking #independentfilms #weekendthoughts #movingforward #art #editing #haveagreatweekend

1 week ago

"Mango War" An inconsiderate neighbour took a big bag of mango from the community garden w/o sharing 😡 So all of us got together to pick all of them, and distributed to people and workers who truly deserve them. #mango #selfishbastard #mangos #pattaya #thailand #harvest

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