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5 months ago

Good morning loves! There is a new post up on the blog with 5 things that make me happy this month, link in bio 💖 #QueenEhome #QueenEinspiration

7 months ago

Had such a special experience yesterday at Chanel "les exclusifs" private meeting. It will all be on the blog later today.. so stay Tuned! Thank you @chanelofficial it was amazing! ❤️ #queeneinspiration #Chanel

11 months ago

Lightning goals in my future house 😍 it's not too much to ask, right? #QueenEinspiration

1 year ago

Good morning ✨ Love the smell of fresh ambition in the morning! Let's make this day count 💪🏼🌸 #QueenEinspiration #QueenEhome

1 year ago

Easy breezy outfit today, you just can't go wrong with stripes 😍 what are you up to today? Hope you will have a great day! #QueenEinspiration #QueenEhome

1 year ago

Today Mode #Karlismyfather 🙌🏼 hope you will all have a great day✨❤️ and don't forget to follow my on 👻(OfriRaban) #QueenEinspiration

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