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I float through the fall on a wave of booze, trailing nicotine clouds, fed by the kind of desperation that gets you through the night so you can do more damage in the morning. I live in a filthy efficiency on the North Side. The neighborhood is changing, split between newcomers who don’t blink at dropping $250K on broken-down row houses and families who lived through the neighborhood’s worst days only to find themselves being squeezed out by taxes or landlords. West Park sprawls across the street in a glitter of busted crack pipes and streetlamps, and the Light of Life Mission sits a few blocks down among the shuttered and burned-out buildings. The Garden porno theater flashes its broken neon welcome – sometimes a “Gard,” sometimes a “den” – to retirees and husbands and me. There is an apocalyptic comfort in the collision, or collusion, of money and flesh, poverty and Williams-Sonoma cookware. I pass through days like a patient through the rooms of an abandoned hospital: numb, smoking, scratching the paint from the walls. A six-year affair has gone bust. I'm scraping out a living in retail, swallowing shit as a daily vitamin. Looking for something to justify my outsized sense of tragedy. Waiting for an emergency. And at last, at Halloween, one arrives. (1/9) #creativenonfiction #gaywriter #gay #queer #lgbt #gaysofinstagram #instagay #queerart #pittsburgh #pittsburghwriter #homosexual #creativewriting #writersofinstagram #writersofig #memoir #prose #archivenorthside

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I love this lifestyle I've made for myself over the last 2 years because although I drank and had fun this weekend, I still managed to jump back into my fitness routine immediately and not derail from the nutrition aspect for daysss. 👏🏼👏🏼 It seriously comes down to how bad do I want to be healthy? How bad do I want to feel and look good in my skin? How bad do I want to rock whatever outfit I choose? And, is all of that wanted bad enough to overpower how much I want junk food, alcohol, and to be lazy?

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Kisses with daddy 😘

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(Link in bio) Ep #116 : Shane Lohman of @steelcitybeer – Pittsburgh’s only craft beer wholesaler – joins the Drinking Partners in the latest podcast and greets listeners with one of the “top ten what ups to the people,” according to Day. With an objective dedicated to connecting craft beer breweries with the community, Steel City Beer fills a much-needed niche in Western Pennsylvania, and Mr. Lohman describes the thoughts behind his business model in the opening half of the podcast. Which leads to the Drinking Partners developing a business plan of their own: a collapsible glass to be used at the bar. Midway through, the men lose their filter in a not safe for women segment, but shift back to a beer-centered conversation soon after. Learn more about Steel City Beer Wholesalers and the craft beer they offer at http://www.steelcitybeerwholesalers.com. #Pittsburgh #podcast #craftbeer #comedy #beercast #Libsyn #stitcher #iTunes #podsincolor

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don't sit too close 📺

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I restored this two piece staircase landing window Cica 1997. It is in an old home one block from my studio. Pic is from today, holding up just fine. It was really a mess.

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Miss R brought a few of her great loves to her session:tulle and all things feminine and vintage. What loves of yours could we incorporate into your session? I'll go first in the comments! 🍾💄🧀🔥👩‍🎤⚾️ • • • • • #bodypositive #vintage #retro #curves #pittsburgh #pghcreative #engagementring #wife #wifey #pearls #boudoir #books #sports #morgantown #wv #boudoirphotography #lingerie #lipstick #travel #curvygirl #woman #women #feminist #natural #engaged #married #monday

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