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5 days ago

#sponsored | summer faves 🌞🌴 featuring Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Tapioca Dry Shampoo and Schick Quattro YOU razors (courtesy of @seventeen) you guys know how much i love my dry shampoos and this has to be my absolute favorite!! it smells SO GOOD and makes me hair feeling like new! & Schicks Quattro YOU razors have been lifesavers! i've noticed that i'm able to skip a day or two from shaving which helps SO MUCH especially since i took on a full time job this summer! | #nymbrands #cleanfreak #cleanfreakdryshampoo #cleanfreaktapiocadryshampoo #dryshampoo #nymdryshampoo

1 week ago

Get a girl who can balance a full-time job/masters program/social life/family affairs/sleep & this #CleanFreakTapiocaDryShampoo on her head 😅 Sometimes, I feel like I genuinely don't have enough time in the day to complete the things I need to do! Thanks to #NYMdryshampoo I can wash my hair every other day & still be clean 💆🏻 And since summer is approaching, I cannot conceal my grizzly legs any longer 😩 With the new Schick Quattro YOU, these disposable razors give me the luxury of skipping shaving for 1-2 days 🎉 Thanks @seventeen for making my life easier #Sponsored 😊 #NYMbrands #CleanFreak #CleanFreakDryShampoo #dryshampoo

1 week ago

These have been my go-to items the last couple days in the 70° heat ☀️ They are must haves for the spring and summer 🌻

1 week ago

Summer is quickly approaching and these are just some of my favorite products to help me welcome the sunny and warm season!!! #sponsored

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