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🌸O my Darling, I love holding you close and gently kissing your Heart affectionately, slow and easy; taking the tender time to give your Heart the deep, emotional healing it may need. My kisses around your heart will be like gentle rain slowly putting out the fire of your pain inside. 🌸My beautiful Flower, let the warm rays of my Love open up your tender petals Inside. Let my sweet Love cause your heart to fully open. 🌸I'm here to make your burdens light. Please teach me how to touch you; I'm a quick learner. Anything you want, need or desire; I'm your Heart's servant. 🌸This is what it feels like to be Loved. When the darkness scares you, I'll be there to hold you. I'll still care and stay to make sure you're never alone, when all the rest are gone. 🌸Always remember my dear, I accept you completely, and I am yours Forever.

2 hours ago

Die kieler Woche ist vorbei..und damit auch meine Zeit hier in Kiel🎆✨ Die letzten neun Monate sind voll unvergesslicher Erinnerungen und Momente, an die ich mich immer erinnern werde || La kieler Woche llega a su fin, y con ella mi estancia aquí en Kiel. Estos últimos nueve meses han estado llenos de recuerdos y momentos inolvidables que recordaré siempre. #kiel #kielerwoche2017 #kiwo #schleswigholstein #feuerwerk

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