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Because of a recent post of mine stating that I have had this fan account supporting The James Family for 1 year now,some people have been getting the idea that I have only started liking them since last year, I decided to make this post to let my followers & anyone who comes across this post know that's not the case at all. Anyone who has been following me on this account from the start or any of my previous accounts would already know that I have been supporting The James Family since 2013 which makes me a fan for almost 5 years now,I had like two other James Family fan pages on Instagram before this one. I had to make this account because I couldn't get into my other one,I think one of them got deleted I can't remember. I may not have been a fan since day one but I am no where near a bandwagon, if I am loyal to anyone in the NBA it's LeBron. I'm a fan until the end!! This fan account isn't going anywhere and I can guarantee you it will still be around 5-10 years from now whether people like it or not! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 #TEAMLEBRON #TEAMCAVS #TEAMJAMESFAMILY #TEAMJAMESFAMILYAUSTRALIA #ALLIN #2016NBACHAMPIONS #LEBRONJAMES #KINGJAMES #CAVS #CAVSNATION #CAVSBASKETBALL #THELAND #BELIEVELAND #BELIEVE #DEFENDTHELAND #JUSTAKIDFROMAKRON #STRIVEFORGREATNESS #IPROMISE #DHTK #RWTW 👑

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Its all about actions baby girl I been peeping 👀 yours lately #iPromise !!

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