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Image tip #4 Use Your Words People’s eyes are drawn to images which is why they perform so much better. Adding text means your message is more likely to be seen and, therefore, interacted with. Text is not the only way words are important to images - search engines, like Google, use the image’s file name and the alt tags associated in searches. #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatribe #imagetip #beach #sand #sun

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Image Tip #3 Take the photo on the same level as your subject We tend to hold our phone at chest height when taking pictures. Products, children and animals, for example, look better when you take the photo at their level. You don’t have to crouch down to take the photo! Try using the external button on your phone (volume button for iPhone) to take a one-handed photo. #imagetip #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatribe #beach #sun #sand #geelong #surfcoast #bellarine

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With all the special events going on in June, here are some tips so you can look great in your photos: - Powder well..flash photography can make skin look shiny. - Avoid bright or frosty colors on the eyes and lips. They reflect too much light. A better choice are soft, muted, and matte colors. - Remove your glasses at least 30 minutes before to avoid visible indentation marks. - Avoid direct sunlight which can cause shadows. A shady location is the most flattering. - Relax and aim for a natural smile! For more beauty, makeup, and image tips, visit http://www.makeupandimage.com .. #makeupandimage #RIMakeupArtist #imagetip #photographytip #MakeupArtist #RIEsthetician #RIMakeup

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Image Tip #2 Take the photo in landscape mode Landscape mode allows you to have a better perspective about how the subjects in your photo fit into the frame. Plus, you’re less likely to zoom in on the subject. This allows you more space to crop the picture to your liking. #imagetip #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatribe #beach #sun

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