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2 hours ago

Life is too short for plain white socks! Thanks #procompression for jazzing up my summer runs! Yesterday was a happy #mailday

3 hours ago

So, this may not be a big deal to some, but it is something Brendan and I are extremely proud of. #teamH2O : See, if you're new to my story, I was on a short and ugly path to becoming an alcoholic. For 2-3 years I was drinking a bottle and a half of wine 🍷a night for the WRONG reasons. What started out as a casual here and there drink after work because I NEEDED it, -to- well, it helps me sleep, -to- I just want to. I haven't given up alcohol completely which brings me to the next paragraph... : I was able to get my drinking under control with strangely enough portion control containers. Who knew what 3 yellow containers a week could do, but they saved my life and my marriage, which brings me back to why these last 3 days are so important to me. : My birthday 🎉 is June 12th and this year instead of organizing a party based around getting hammered, per usual, I decided to celebrate my body with a 21 day cleanse/detox. I'm just ending the first week, so this was a crucial time for me. What's funny is, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. I could have easily stayed home all three days and told Brendan to go without me so I wasn't tempted. He would have understood, but that's not living. What living is, is finding a why that's so powerful that even the devil can't break you. I found my why and if I can do it, I promise you anyone can. You just have to look deep enough. So here's to L.I.V.I.N! • #foodfitnessandfun #embraceyourweirdness

3 hours ago

Gru: No, no, no. I said *dart* gun, not... Gru: Okay Dr. Nefario: Oh, yes. 'Cause I was wondering... under what circumstances would we use this? - Despicable Me ~ Happy Sock Sunday Friends!!!👣👣👣 Had my baby girl help me out with this one today. Her minion socks are too cute not to share. Also, while at the new Pirates movie last night, we saw the preview for Despicable Me 3. It looks hilarious! Can't wait to take the kids! ~ Any movies you're looking forward to seeing this summer? ~ And yes, that is a fart gun, lol. I have a nine year old son - no explanation needed!😂 ~ #socksunday #books #bookstagram #booklover #movies #movielover #moviepreview #minions #minionsocks #purpleandyellow #fartgun #despicableme #despicableme3 #daughter #babygirl #greengrass #funsocks

6 hours ago

Nice #sockcrew wearing Via Calzabigi socks. Check our website, promos available!

6 hours ago

Twin Peaks Sunday nights. Are you watching 3&4 tonight even if you've already watched?

7 hours ago

Pause. Pause for a moment and take a picture. : We were both on our phones 📱probably, actually, not doing anything important other than not being present. When they say "stop and smell the roses." Stop and smell the damn roses! : 💖 Be happy! It drives other people crazy! 💖Happy #sundayfunday y'all! • #foodfitnessandfun #embraceyourweirdness

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