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A few miles from Bhubaneshwar in #Odisha is a little town called #Athagarh where a terrible conflict situation is underway. A herd of #wild elephants, lost because their nearby natural habitat has been destroyed, have wandered into the area and are now being treated with cruelty, violence and abuse. The crowds of the town gather regularly to throw stones and dust at these magnificent creatures. Young boys shout abuses and insults, and the "bravest" of the lot approach the baby #elephants of the herd wielding lathis and rods to threaten them. The elephants have not reacted. Perhaps the presence of so many calves keeps the elephants from attacking outright, but they simply retreat and encircle their young, while the human hecklers continue, feeling victorious. Week after week the mistreatment and torture continues, with zero government intervention. This, in the Land of #Ganesha . Over the last three generations, the asian elephant species population has declined by more than 50%. An #endangered animal today, it is shocking and embarrassing that the Odisha government does nothing to stop what is happening in Athagarh, #Cuttack . No animal this beautiful should be a refugee on planet Earth. That elephants are an emotionally superior species is no secret. There have been countless stories of their wisdom, sixth sense and honour. What is being done to them in Athagarh is terrifying and wrong. The government should be deathly scared that what is now a bunch of boys being cruel will end in bloodshed - whose blood, is uncertain. There is a way to fix it though. Go watch the short video in my bio - it shows in detail what's happening in Athagarh, then write to CM Naveen Patnaik. You can tweet him at @Naveen_Odisha using the hashtag #GiantRefugees or be a better human and write to him. We're trying to write 1000 emails by March 15th 2017 asking for two small things: 1)Direct police intervention to control mobs so that the elephants are allowed safe passage. 2)A task force to help restore the Chandaka-Dhampara Wildlife Sanctuary & to secure and revive its corridors to the Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary & Satkosia landscape. Please, be one of the 1000. Thank you. 🙏🏼🐘💜

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DP @nickjsmiths gets up close and personal with a rambunctious breeding herd of elephant.

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Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp is a home for elephants to escape the logging industry. They also lease out elephants for months at a time from the government to be able to give them some sort of relief. We held hand/trunk and are friends now. 🐘

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See a need -> Take action. Many of the mahouts who care for the elephants every day of their lives are Burmese refugees who have found a place to call home at @elephantnaturepark 🌳☕️🐘. Every sip supports this organizations' impact on so many lives! #elevateyourimpact #yoursipsmatter

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Global March for Elephant and Rhino Aceh adalah sebuah gerakan lintas komunitas yang aktif dalam menyuarakan isu-isu pelestarian alam dan lingkungan di Aceh. Organisasi ini terbentuk atas dasar apresiasi masyarakat urban di perkotaan yang hidup jauh dari hutan namun menganggap pentingnya menjaga serta melestarikan hutan sebagai sumber kehidupan, habitat satwa yang terancam punah dan sumber daya alam serta pustaka ilmu bagi masa depan. . . . #globalmarchforelephantsandrhinosaceh #gmferaceh #elephant #rhinos #elephants #forest #rainforest #leuser #aceh #sumatera

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