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Enjoying my afternoon mom fuel while working on my website while my daughter is napping on the couch. #mompreneurlife

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Hello all you Fearlessly Successful Entrepreneurs! Welcome to What's up Wednesday!! We have made it half-way through the work week - how are you feeling today? Are you needing support in anyway? : : : This week in FSE we are all talking about PRODUCTIVITY - and it's "What's Up Wednesday!!": : : So today - inquiring minds want to know. What is YOUR best trick or tip for being productive? Tell me below 👇👇 - I can't wait to hear all your tips and tricks!! : : : 📸 :: @thewhitecompany - I just love this photo so much. Taking moments for ourself and sitting in pease is so needed in this online world and this photo totally depicts that. : : :

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In this week’s video blog I share three different types of video which showcase the many different attributes required to become a full time dating coach. The themes which flow across this footage are self-belief, confidence and an understanding of social dynamics. To learn more visit: http://ow.ly/zh2e30bP5Bp #Dating #DatingCoach #DatingBlog #CoachForMen #GaryGunn #DatingExpert #DatingTips #DatingAdvice #Coaching #LifestyleBlog #ConfidenceCoach #LifestyleBlogger #LifeCoach #CoachForMen #LoveCoach

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Well... in case you haven't heard & said it to yourself... ❤️🎙

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Each day getup and aim to be amazing! ⠀ As singers we have the power through our positive vibes, beautiful voices and music to transform moods, heal hurt and bring hope to communities!!! ❤️🎶🎼 Use this power potently and fulfill purpose!! Be SingSational 🎶 .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #savvysingers#powerofmusic #musicchangeslives #bethebestversionofyourself⠀ #Smile #happysinger#voicecoach #singngteacher #perfomrancecoach#confidencecoach #shellyaqui @prvmperformingartsacademy

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Brand flowers! Yippee

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Just a reminder in case your mind is playing tricks on you today: You matter. You're important. You're loved. And your presence on this earth makes a difference whether you see it or not. Be Bold | Be Brave | BeYOUtiful Always 💋 Kari Leigh

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Yaaassss✨✨✨ Happy Hump Day!

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Some days, lunches look like this 👀(i.e. Whatever was in the fridge that I could quickly grab on my way out the door). 🚪🤷🏼‍♀️I've got leftover grilled chicken & zucchini, cut up bell pepper, Greek yogurt w/ blueberries, kombucha, and an RX bar. This will probably get me to 3pm 🤔😁👏🏻Don't overcomplicate & overwhelm yourself. "meal prep" doesn't always have to mean this huge event where you spend hours cooking big batches of food. 🍠🥒🥕🥚Yes, it's certainly helpful. But the most important thing ☝🏻is making sure you're prepared with enough *healthy* food that will keep you satiated throughout the day, so you don't get #hangry and go HAM on whatever snacks may be available/lurking in the office 👉🏻🥐🍕🌯🍟🍔🍰🍩🍪☠️😱

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Working out is hard, and it usually SUCKS, and I don't usually WANT to do it. Eating healthy is hard, it takes planning and prepping, and it means more dishes. All. The. Time. I've lost 50 pounds, but I need you to understand something. IM NOT PERFECT. Did I work out every day? HECK NO. Did I eat on plan, proper portions and zero processed food? DEFINITELY NO. There were WEEKS where I didn't work out. There were WEEKS that ate completely like crap...I'm talking dessert every night, drive thru for dinner here people. There were WEEKS where I actually gained weight back, sometimes even a couple weeks in a row. But here is the thing. I didn't STAY off track. I made the DECISION to get going again. And the momentum from that outweighed the stagnant times. And THAT is how I lost 50 pounds. I challenged myself. I continued to step outside of my comfort zone and push past my fears of failure and my feelings of defeat and inadequacy and I KEPT GOING. Is it always easy? NO. I'll never tell you that a health and fitness journey is "easy". There is a lot of mental and emotional things you have to work on. Every day. But is it worth it? YES. 100% yes. Are you feeling stuck? Are you feeling like you always start and stop and you can't figure out why? That's normal! Those feelings are part of this process. If you want to know how I work through those times, send me a PM. You don't even have to comment below because I know admitting this stuff publicly is scary. And if you want more support from me, join my 100% FREE Facebook community, Empowering Courageous Confidence. The link is below. (Also in my bio) Hope to see you there 💕 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1872555683014403/

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Are you a woman on a mission and would you do anything to make a difference in this world - but feel held back by self-doubt, fear and insecurity? Then this free video series on self-confidence might be of interest to you! Link in bio. Love & courage, Sophie Charlotte 💖 Confidence Coach for Women on a Mission

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