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1 hour ago

Gym selfie before my arm workout . Necessary before because it wouldn't be possible afterward!

3 hours ago

Falling back on a breakfast standard this morning! . Happy day. My mango is already diced so it was pretty brainless! . But tasty... So tasty!

7 hours ago

Happy Hump Day!🌞 Your resume should be up to date and current. This means I shouldn’t see: * NO old/obvious technical skills e.g., DOS/PC/MAC * NO tiny fonts * NO personal information e.g., marital status, children, hobbies * NO References Are Available upon Request Statement * NO Objective Statement * NO listing salary for prior positions # Why make the employers say no, when you can make them say YES!😀 #empoweryourresume #jobtips #resumehelp

14 hours ago

Tuesday is one of my favorite days! I get to share where I am with my current program! Guys, this program is still not letting me down! I am still absolutely in love with this program, even after 6 weeks!!! My endurance is amazing. When I first started Turbo Fire, I struggled to get through more than 10-15 minutes. Now I'm adding in the jumps and feeling pumped the whole time. I've also noticed my max heart rate is higher! I used to struggle to get it past the 140's and have been wanting to get it higher! Well it is happening now!! Turbo Fire is amazing! I feel great! I have energy! I'm sleeping well! My self confidence is booming! I'm even standing up for myself more often, which is a huge deal for me! Turbo Fire- Week 6 Results!!! #transformationtuesday #lovingthisprogram #goalgetter #sweatbabysweat #confidencebuilder

18 hours ago

A little of this and a little of that isn’t going to make you proficient in anything. . Stick with your one thing and tear it up!

22 hours ago

You don't need to have it all figured out or know everything; you just need to start bringing your vision into focus.

1 day ago

I do like hoodies . Things you share in your journal...

1 day ago

How I feel about leg day. . Every time.

1 day ago

Good Morning 🌞! Your cover letter should exude CONFIDENCE. AVOID downplaying your skills/ experience and focus on the skills that you DO have. # Why make the recruiter skeptic about hiring you??🤔 If you think you can't do the job, then the hiring manager thinks you can't do the job too. # "The minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for."-Maureen Dowd # Shoot for the stars! ✨ #empoweryourresume #jobtips

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