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1 day ago

My WCW is not jus one woman or even just a woman...it's these 3 crazy kids in my life , there always there to support me through not only my good days , but also blessed through my bad , which come very often nowadays...the love I have for them is beyond any crush ...an with them is all I need in this life ....daddy loves u 😘 #kalei #carleigh #kyle #family1st #daddysbabiesforever #wcw

2 days ago

Gente linda, gente bella!! Mi niña me sorprende cada vez...me dice #Carleigh si me hubiera tocado otra #Mama , yo cogería mi maleta y vendría para tu casa ... Le digo, te gusto como mama? Y ella me dice Si, te buscaría para que me Protejas eres una #MamaAdorable !! Me Morí...!

5 days ago

#Carleigh #hair . The best thing I ever done is to have her go back #natural . The process was long and hard but the results are beautiful. She has a head full of hair and I know her #shrinkage is real (video proff in instastory)but she has hair it's down her back. This is the beginning of what I hope is an awesome #twistout . 10 minutes to twist her hair but we've literally been in the house all day washing it. We honestly probably don't take care of it perfectly (we don't). She forgets to put her bonet on, we don't moisturize as often as we should. But for everything we do wrong we do something right. We only #cowash (shampoo is put in her hair maybe every 6 months). We don't use minerals, sulfates or parabans, we only finger detangle, matter fact we only ever use a comb to part and we use the opposite end to do that, but most importantly i started praying over it (maybe it's silly to some but I believe in prayer)and its growing, it's #healthlyhair and it's #thriving . So there we have it. (Now if only i was as consistent with mine. But see after hers I'm exhausted) #naturalhair #twist #mediumhairdontcare

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