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#Karrueche Tran didn't get what she was gunning for in court Tuesday, because the judge expected flesh and blood to testify against #ChrisBrown , not a voice over the phone. TMZ broke the story, Karrueche planned to get on the horn with the judge rather than appear in person, because she's shooting a TV show in New Orleans. She was expected to take the judge through what she claims are a series of death threats and violent encounters at the hands of Chris. The judge wasn't having it, saying in order to get a permanent restraining order against Brown she had to either appear in person or give 12 days notice before the hearing that she would appear via phone. The case was continued so Karrueche could file the proper paperwork. As for Chris, he was also a no-show. His lawyer claims he was never served with legal docs, despite video which seems to show otherwise. Via @tmz_tv

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I wrote this a while 🔙. Based on a true story... #shortstorychallenge My best friend fucked my crush! So I'm chilling with my bestie, my boyfriend who isn't my boyfriend and his homie. It's started to get late so we decided to catch the bus. We were the only passengers on the bus. We went straight to the back. So you know shit was about to go down. My home girl Tiff was horny as fuck so she started feeling on Deon . I was still a little bitch. I didn't know anything about sex. Tiff and Deon were going ham on each other. Tony hits me with that 'so we gon' fuck look'. I start blushing and shit . Tony was mad fucking cute and I had a crush on him. So I'm like alright ima stick my hands down your pants for two seconds. I stuck my hands down Tony's pant and I was feeling all over for his dick. Tony didn't have a dick he had a 'duh' as in where duh fuck is the rest. I told him I'm not finna do this and he's alright lil ma. I looked over and Tiff and Deon fucking like two horny ass mother fuckers. Deon's stop came up so he had to go. Tiff still horny as fuck so she hoped her fat ass on Tony. I'm like uh uh bitch that my nigga we aren't together but you know how I love that nigga. She gave zero fucks. She kept riding that dick like a little kid trying to ride a bike without training wheels. I know she could've whooped my ass. So I got out of the bus and walked the rest. I wanted to cry but I wasn't a pussy. I was excited as fuck to go school the next day which was rare as fuck. The other day Tiff, Deon and Tony acted like  nothing happened. So I'm thinking to myself like how often do they do this? What happens when I'm not around? Why y'all acting like shit didn't happen? Side note: Tiff took a transfer to another school. Tiff and I weren't that tight. Tiff and I stopped talking because she kept fucking ALL the guys I liked A year later Tony and I started dating. Tony was my first boyfriend. We broke up because we were too young to be in a relationship. I still got love for Tony and he still got love for me. I won't go 🔙 with Tony because he smokes too much. - #RolisaCooke (Me) #robkardashian #blacchyna

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