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When you can't decide what to get, you get a coffee flight - win win situation! Head over to Daily Coffee Journal (link in our bio) for a recap on our DTLA group coffee crawl featuring a trip to Blue Bottle in the Bradbury Building. It's blog-style meaning that we don't care about spelling errors and whatnot, so be nice please 👍🏼 Also, if you're looking for shops in LA and want to filter our photos, click on #DCRLosAngeles . You can do that with Orange County, San Diego and we're slowly working on the rest of them. Hope that helps on your next coffee adventure! In the meantime, what's your favorite coffee shop in Downtown LA? #dailycoffeerun

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Four legged caretakers at Donna Maria's Sítio Ribeirão da Onça. What a beautiful day.

19 minutes ago

A S S M O O T H A S S A D E • it's how I like my barista's ☕️

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Finally took a solo trip to @statescoffee to see if the hype was real. Turns out it was. Excellent cappuccino and coffee root beer, which is insane and blew my mind. Going back for sure. #ishootfujifilm #vscox

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🚨 New Cafe Alert 🚨 ▪ Take a trip out to the eastern suburbs, and you’ll soon discover Glen Waverley’s latest resident, @Platform7cafe . It’s just off the main street known as Kingsway, which in recent times has established itself as a popular dining and entertainment precinct. Brought to us by Chen Chen, Platform 7 is the younger brother of HASH Specialty Coffee, a famed café (thanks to its Hot Chocolate) in Melbourne’s prominent Hardware Street. The name- Platform 7- is inspired by its close proximity to the Glen Waverley train station, and manager Brendan House’s lucky number 7. Also, the number 7 has been held as a magical number throughout history, with the 7 Wonders of the World, 7 Continents, 7 seas, 7 colours of the rainbow, 7 days in a week, 7 deadly sins...... and even Snow White lived with 7 dwarfs! Platform 7 brings its own sprinkling of magic to Glen Waverley, offering specialty coffee, and a unique dining experience late into the evening 7 days a week. The interior has an industrial feel, with black tones and dark timber furnishings. The back section is set behind glass panels, providing an intimate and cosy dining experience. The front section has contrasting black walls with plywood ceilings and coffee counter top, and industrial lighting. Tables are decorated with beakers, which brings a ‘science lab theme’ to the room, with a magenta coloured neon light affirming the name of the venue. The main coffee bar is fitted with all the coffee gear to brew that perfect cup - including a white La Marzocco Linea PB, 2 Mythos One grinders, an EK43, a large timber cold drip tower and both Hario and Kalita pour over gear for filter brewing. All the bases are covered - as far as coffee is concerned. Platform 7 will be showcasing different local roasters each week, in an effort to bring suburban folk the kind of experience they could only expect at inner city coffee bars. Head barista Tommy emphasised a desire to communicate with and to broaden the horizon of consumers - when it comes to coffee. More at tesspresso.com

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Sadly, all good things must come to an end and boy was this a good one. Don't worry though, if you loved our Ethiopia our current Costa Rica can fill the void it leaves behind.

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We have a brand new selection of delicious treats from our friends Empire Bakery 😻

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Have you tried a Turmeric Latte yet? Turmeric latte is becoming more and more popular and it's a great alternative to Coffee or Tea. Our Golden Turmeric Elixir is tasty and super easy to work with. Contact us for more info and samples. . . . @cappuccine_australia @alchemycordialcompany @cravenewcastle @cravesydney @sydneycafes #newcafe #sydneycafe #cafe #barista #beanhunter #baristalife #baristadaily #trendycafe #turmericelixir #turmericlatte #sydney #australia #latte #coffeenotcoffee

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Porque No Los Dos? ✌☕☕

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