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"The 1 does not hesitate when it senses a need for confrontation. It is jealous and extremely stubborn, but also courageous and willing to try anything new if it sees promise, even at great danger. It is, if you haven't guessed, the most masculine of all numbers. There is a certain quality, a sense of honor and responsibility that demands our respect, and it has a sense of justice that cannot be denied. The number 1 cannot witness injustice without jumping in and setting things straight" courtesy of numerology.com #numerology #1 #one #nofucks #itsouryear #speakyourmind #truth #journey #peace #me #soul #heal #healing #healer

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"Thank you everyone who has subscribed to my YouTube channel💕" - @mattmckenley thanks for all the support you guys are giving him I'm really thankful🙏 for that. He is an amazing, awesome and kind person probably there is more people out there that also agrees with me. Love you so much❤️😍😘❣️💕💜💙❤️💛💚💗💓@mattmckenley I don't know how my life would be without you I love seeing you on live.ly and hopefully with the help of you guys he will be #1 on the leaderboard so please help him get to the leaderboard it will make me really happy 😊 to here his name on the 🔝 of the leaderboard. You make me really happy and I don't know how to thank you for all those days that you've made me smile and laugh.😊😁😂😘

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Indicação do dia #1 Agosto - Daniela Araújo "Sem porquê Nem razão Me ama E mesmo que eu não corresponda Me ama Nada importa ou conta Ama porque ama"

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Hacked by my #1 cuzzy megan 😍💖👭

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