Ellen Edmisten

@sweetlovenotes  I love God's artwork(nature), my merciful Savior, precious family, wonderful husband, amazing friends, and adorable animals, from chicken to dog. :)

9 hours ago

Warning: this may get slightly best friend sappyish. 😂 So this girl and I...we've been friends for waay too long. 😂 You know that quote that goes "We'll always be friends, you know too much about me"? Yeah, she's that friend. She's my sister-in-law, but we were sisters before that, and before that bestest friends, and before that friends, and before that...well I don't think we knew each other before that. We always say that Benj and I had to get married to make us being "sisters" official. 😋 Seriously though, she's that bit of serious advice I need, the godly wife I admire and strive to be more like, the laugh till you cry buddy, the share anything with friend and it's okay, the venting sesh you needed someone to hear - she does all that as my friend and more. In my heart I've considered her a sister for a really long time, and I'm so thankful we have the friendship we do. We're bumblebee besties, two pills in a bottle...she's my friend that keeps me slightly sane. 😂😂 Well, we keep each other sane...kinda scary. 😳😉😂 But anywhoo, I'm really glad we've been friends for over half your life, that we had all those laughs together as kids straight to the adulting years, and that growing up was something we did together. You're awesome Sierra, and I love you. And you need to start a blog for goodness sake! 😂 Seriously, #bargainblogger . There I even made a name for it. 😂😂😂 Probably a million of that one already. Okay, sappy post done now. Love you Sia! ❤️ @iloveswitchfoot #sisinlaw #friends #bumblebeebesties #twopillsinabottle Edit: the second picture - it's a sister ring we have, cuz we're awesome like that. 😂

11 hours ago

I love that some of the most common flowers on trees you'll see are pink, purple, and red - all of which are the most complimentary to green. #artistfamily 😂 It just is another one of those things that I think is really cool, because it shows how much of an artist God is with nature. #nature #God #art #pink #blossoms #green #tree #flowers

12 hours ago

Ever have one of those moments you want to post a picture, and have something to write with it, but it just isn't coming out right? Yeah this is one of those posts. So enjoy the yellow flowers. 😂 What are you reaching for in life right now? 🌿🌼🌿 #flowers #yellow #nature #green #sky #blue #reach

4 days ago

This is my home. It's where I grew up. It's where I was taught how to love one another, respect my elders, learn Christ's word, and so much more. There were a lot of tears here, a lot of laughs, a lot of serious talks, a lot of friendship. I love this place so much. It may just be a coordinate on a map, a little bit of landscape to those passing by, a bit of grass and trees & a lot of garden...but this is where I grew up. And it will always be home to me. It will always touch my heart when I'm there, and it will always be a little sad for me as I drive away. A place full of that many memories will never go away. Not in my heart, nor in my thoughts. Being able to get married here was one of the biggest blessings I've ever received, and could never thank my parents(and many others that we couldn't of made it happen without)enough for allowing & making it happen. I really can't express just what this place means to me. It's the one place that I can call home and it resonates within me with as a huge yes. Does that make any sense? 😋 Anyways, that's all with the mushy-gush for now. ☺️ Thanks for listening. Peace ✌🏻️😋 #home

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