@stenostock  Took my sweet time checking out IG,had lots of fun, decided to start sharing a few things myself. This is just for fun :)

1 month ago

Just to say hi. Happy Easter, everyone! ^-^ 🐤🐰🌷💕 (^sorry, I honestly hate smiling in pictures. You have to excuse the half-assed expression :P )

2 months ago

I guess it's the season for pastels? ^-^; I typically never wear any nail polish, or pastels for that matter, but I don't know.. this sunny, lemon-y yellow color makes me happy! ^-^ 🌞💅💛 the formula was super runny though, hence the sloppy application. But imma try n find a better polish in this shade ;d On a side note; even though you might not see this post, Happy Birthday, Lil' Sis! ^-^ 🎂🎈

4 months ago

Welp! My phone is definitely giving up on me. The screen has turned yellow, the battery drains from 100-0% in less than 2 hours, and it kinda acts on it's own will at any given time. Oh, and my iPad decided that this was the time to crash as well. Lucky me. Guess I'll be spending a little more than I intended to on the holiday sales 💩💸 sorry 'bout the no-effort selfie, I'm unable to take any decent photos as of now (^im not quite as sad as I look tho 😛)

5 months ago

Forced to give up a few things I don't get to wear often enough to justify keeping :/ Kinda sad but I hate it when nice items that are perfectly wearable only get to lie around in my wardrobe instead of being worn & admired. #creepyyeha #orichoker #leatherchoker #selling

6 months ago

Today is All Hallow's Eve, and I'd say the weather is as grey as this filter.. ☁ Traditionally, my family & I would walk to a cremation/burial ground nearby and light candles for the dead. I won't be doing that today, but I'm keeping one candle lit in memory of my grandfather, who would have turned 87 if he'd still been alive today.

6 months ago

Found a ginkgo tree in my parents' garden that I haven't seen before! 🌲✨🍂 Such pretty leaves! *-* 💛 #ginkgo #ginkgobiloba

6 months ago

Old photo. No costume or Halloween party for me this year. I've spent my weekend alone, lying sick in bed. Yes, your sympathies are welcomed 😇 I love halloween though, I hope those of you who celebrates it have a blast! 👻💕🎃 #bm #blackmilkclothing #bmmechanicalblackribsswim

11 months ago

Okay guys, I have the worst of luck when it comes to these things, but I don't care! I'd gladly give @mabgraves some extra advertisement! It was so hard trying to pick just one favorite print, there are so many! I don't even know if this little Sugarplum Fairy was ever for sale, but she really captured my heart! <3 Just look at that pouty little face! 😍 I'd be super happy to score her if I won this giveaway 🙏❤ #mymabpic #mymabpick #mabgraves

11 months ago

Another one. Complete with the eyeshadow boo-boo. 💁|| I know, I'm extremely bad at posting, and this may annoy or disappoint a few of you who still keep an eye out for my random appearances in your feed, and for that I'm sorry! Apart from the fact that real life can be a little demanding at times, I simply don't want to post for the sake of posting. I've always enjoyed other people's accounts more than my own, I love looking at beautiful pictures & photographs and don't really have a need, or any reason really, for attention myself. But I also want to "give back" a little, so that others may get to know a little something about me as well, if they want to :) So these random posts will keep on appearing from time to time. 😘 I hope you all are doing well!

1 year ago

Bad posture & weird angle, but who cares! 😏 The day of the move: developed a migraine, discovered I had no functioning curtains whatsoever to cover up my windows with(all facing westwards, on a hot sunny day) due to a minor miscalculation, broke my favorite lamp in the process of trying to provide a temporary coverage & subsequently spent a couple of days throwing up and feeling very sorry for myself 😌 I really liked that lamp... #nastygal #blackmilkclothing

1 year ago

Halfway through wiping off my eyeshadow my friend tells me she has to leave in 5, so I stopped mid-through & flung myself at the wall for some quick shots. Turned out pretty decent still 💁 Anyway, 2 months ago I was informed that everyonin my apartment complex would be forced to move out within 3 months. The building was going to be emptied out but no further explanation was offered. Naturally, this caused a lot of stress for all of us & even though the local government was going to offer a temporary place to stay, their solution was rather sh*tty to say the least.. So I frantically started searching for a new place to stay. I was extremely lucky, despite a massive housing shortage I managed to get a hold of an apartment after just one month of search. I'm not gonna lie, I never thought I'd succeed in such a short amount of time & was prepared to accept almost any offer that came my way, but not only did I manage to find a new apartment, it's actually a really nice one at that! Conveniently situated & everything ^^ The only downside is the rent. After this move I will be scrambling for money & won't be able to afford much other than food and bills. But having a place of your own where you know you'll actually FEEL at home too, means a lot more than money to me. I'm honestly really happy, what seemed like a horrible situation at first has actually turned out pretty nicely ^^

1 year ago

I know I'm joining a little late, but I can't stay away from this one! Once again hosted by @crystals_of_australia and with a prize of 40 self-found crystals for the winner, dug by the man himself! (No not the ones pictured here, one could only dream 😏) With only one winner and thousands of entries my chances are slim to say the least, but here's to you Patrick! And your ever so generous giveaways and drool-worthy crystals! #40crystals #crystalsofaustralia #giveaway #crystals

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