Eva Sólveig ☀️

@solaeva  ☀️Sóla - Actress who draws and poses 🎭TV/Film [email protected] 🇮🇸Iceland hire @dottirmanagement 📸New York hire @nymmg Models

1 day ago

Loving waking up in Reykjavik this morning ✨photo by @baldwinner

2 days ago

Waking up way too early 😴 too excited about Iceland in a few hours 😊❤️another picture from talented creative @d.treyz - I so admire how his work captures this city ✨

3 days ago

I'm so excited to go to Iceland tomorrow! My theatre company @spindrifttheatre will be having a residency at @tjarnarbio, my grandfather is turning 80 and my mom is getting married 💙before I go I wanted to finish promoting the beautiful new website featuring images by @kermandme and the many talented creatives I've had the pleasure to work with 💙the portfolio also expresses my more intimate personal work and therefore we played around with my nickname Sóla - meaning ☀️

3 days ago

The best thing about this industry is the collaborations - the sharing of talent and creativity ☀️I have been so fortunate this year to work with many talented directors and photographers and designers who I admire and who keep my own inspiration burning ☀️so grateful and excited for upcoming projects 🙏🏻for those interested in seeing what we've been making together I thought I'd share my portfolio here. Link in bio ❤️Logo playing around with my name Sólveig - meaning ☀️

4 days ago

So happy!! New portfolio website just launched 🙏🏻So grateful for the help of talented @joe_temple ✨photo by @kermandme 📸link in bio 💙

1 week ago

Such a beautiful Friday today 😍☀️and new pics from @perfectfotki 📸🙏🏻❤️

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