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7 hours ago

We’re excited to be revealing the next secret we’ve been working on: The official #SofarSounds app! However, it’s still a work in progress, so we’d love for you to take it for a test run and let us know how it goes. This will help us roll out the most popular ideas. Feedback? Cool app ideas? Email us via . Download the app for iOS now via the 🔗 in our bio. (You can also find it on the Android store.) . . . 📸: Tucker Mitchell - @tuckerwmitchellphoto

5 days ago

Hi Dan, aka @theowlswoops! You probably haven't spotted him at shows because he is our "tech puppetmaster" (aka CTO) pulling the strings in the background and making sure our website and all the technology that we're using at #SofarSounds is running smoothly and making our work easier. If it wasn't for him, there wouldn't be any website or email newsletter system, and none of you would be able to attend a show or perform for us! . So thanks for all your hard work, Dan - you're invaluable to our team 👏 #peopleofsofar

1 week ago

Haven't been to Sofar in a while? Break up the week by joining us in a beautiful space like this spot in Bethnal Green - apply for shows at 📷 @bporthos

1 week ago

Give it up for our #SofarLDN Head of Venues @natashabobbe who also celebrates her birthday today (🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉)! If it wasn't for this good soul, we wouldn't be sitting on the floor and watching bands in outstanding spaces all over #London . When she's not trekking across the city to view new venues, she also often opens up her own flat for our #SofarSounds shenanigans. . A Sofar venue scout who has a big living room herself? Almost too good to be true, isn't it? Keep up the great work, Natasha, and eat all the cake today! 👏 #peopleofsofar . . . 📸: Jane Jimenez - @bporthos

2 weeks ago

✘ Today is a really important day for the future of the UK and we hope that you're all voting in the #GeneralElection . In the past, people have fought very hard for the right to vote, so don't take it for granted and make yourselves heard today. Every single vote counts and can make a difference! ✘ . At @sofarsounds we've always been very vocal about going to the polls. Here's a throwback to the special #Voting show with @bastilledan, @reepsone, @sulibreaks, @rioferdy5 & Co.that we put on this time last year in cooperation with @impossible and #Platoon to make people vote in the EU referendum. #TBT #ThrowbackThursday

2 weeks ago

#onlyatsofar will you have these 4 lovely faces from our #SofarLDN team put on a very special appreciation show at @tileyardstudios to thank our loyal hosts, artists and volunteers. . A lot of fun was had last week - if you'd like to get involved as volunteer, host or artist, just shoot us an email via or grab @adam_maestro (Head of Booking / Artists), @loftieel (Head of Volunteers), @phoelou (Director) or @natashabobbe (Head of Venues) at a show if you see them! They won't (always) bite! 😉 . . . 📸: Jane Jimenez - @bporthos

3 weeks ago

Come along to a show and discover something new! Apply for a June gig today - link in bio 📷 @everythingart1998

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