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1 week ago

Went to @aucklandartgallery for the Tate collab #thebodylaidbare . The exhibition was really well composed and the guide lady for our tour was so engaging 💕 but ofc, coffee first at @chuffedcoffee (which unfortunately looked nowhere near as neat as what they showcase on their IG😟) & a quick shop around High St before we had the energy to hit the gallery 😛 blouse+skirt: metamorphose temps de fille, heels: offbrand, bag+headwear+tights: taobao

2 weeks ago

Playing around in Lr obviously having no idea wtf I'm doing, and somehow managed to turn an orange/blue sky into pastels 😂 I'm sorry to all the pros out there: I've slaughtered this, I know. But I like the colors 😛 also that lower left cloud looks so much like a pegasus to me wtf

3 weeks ago

So i finally got my dream dress (!!!) and it absolutely kills me that the bust is too small 😩😩😩 the dress (barely) fits right now but if I get fully back into pole & silks and develop some pecs I may not be able to wear this anymore. Saddest day of my year so far 😭 WHY JAPANESE SIZING WHY JESUS DIAMANTE WHYYYYYY 😫😫😫 also pardon my hair I couldn't wait for it to dry before my rant

4 weeks ago

Reposting @edennoodles because I forgot there's a gallery option now to show off all the other dishes we got ❤️ 90% buy these dumplings for the sauce, 10% for the actual dumplings though the dumplings themselves are nice too 😂😂😂

1 month ago

The most delicious and perfect torte I have had in NZ, hands down. <insert heartfelt tears of joy> 😭💕 Blueberry cacao torte from @coffeelabnz with the most beautiful textures and balance of flavors. I hope you guys try this with other flavour combinations too, though this one is already divine ❤️

1 month ago

What a long day today! Got my car WoF done & serviced, painted some shelves in the garage and finally went to the little sheep hotpot in albany 🤤 the operations aren't running 100% smoothly but food is still good and staff are polite though super busy ☺️

1 month ago

Trying @klairs.global VitC, BB cream, and sheet mask. Supposedly this VitC won't degrade in 3months so I will actually be able to finish it /UNLIKE THE 2 BOTTLES OF C20 I'VE GONE THROUGH 😒. Also it's been forever since I used bb cream! Last time was waaay back when bb cream first became popular and I had the biggest tube of Missha bb cream that I never finished 🙄 if you're in NZ, @nashilabnz currently has 20% off all Klairs products and a giveaway going on! #NotAd Nashilab owner is a childhood friend. She kool 🤓 Support her lil business 💪

1 month ago

New 💅 with hand-drawn watercolor flowers (such a challenge!) Thank you @shopnaileditnz for gifting me your lovely nail art brushes - they're so much easier to work with than the aliexpress-bought ones I'd been using before (obv) 😂💕 also fyi the middle finger designs are meant to be heart outlined but my gold polish isn't very saturated 😥 #shopnaileditnz

1 month ago

Giant dressing on my arm cause I stupidly burnt myself with my curling iron last week and only finally went to get it checked when it got infected 🙄😅 update: just got it redressed and it looks like a petri dish and I should be super grossed out/worried but I just find it so interesting 😂 ok gotta visit the doc tomorrow too 😥

1 month ago

It's been grey and dark and rainy this week 😒 but I'm getting my new (much lighter) glasses tonight and hopefully some comfy prescription contact lenses 🤓

1 month ago

Throwback to days when I piled on accessories. I have no regrets. This is still my favourite hairset to date. Thanks @sera.bunny for getting up ridiculously early with me and spending like 2hrs getting ready that day 😘 #kyoto #kimono #hairset

2 months ago

Actually dressing properly for the weekend instead of potatoing on the couch watching netflix in my pjs all day 🙄 i love the print on this JSK - it's castle cityscape under night sky with winged crowns and swans (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

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