Megan Roper

@schmeg.roper  I love a good bolo.

5 days ago

Little baby islands poppin' up all over the Andaman Sea. Last one from 🇹🇭... maybe.

6 days ago

Which one is more white: @benbergg or the waterfall? Missing Pai and warmth. Expect "I am cold" photos for the next month.

1 week ago

Thailand, you were real. You were cool. You were real cool. Until we meet again!

2 weeks ago

That's the awkward face of pure joy.

3 weeks ago

Big, big Buddha. Ya, you gotta a big Buddha. #jlo

3 weeks ago

Some say 2016 sucked, I say it ruled. I married the love of my life and got to take a mud bath with these gorgeous beasts. Try and top that, 2017! PSA: please DON'T ride elephants in Thailand if you find yourself here. Seeing their scars from people riding them was beyond heartbreaking.

3 weeks ago

Be cool. Blend in.

3 weeks ago

Chiang Mai to Pai: 150km, 762 turns, 2 motorbikes and 1 police stop. Pai, you were prettay kewl.

4 weeks ago

Uno más from Hong Kong. You were real cool. 🇭🇰

4 weeks ago

"I don't know what to do with my hands when I walk." - Drew Roper Browsing the markets of Hong Kong 🇭🇰.

1 month ago

Whoa, Hong Kong. Whoa.

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