Rhian Stephenson

@rhianstephenson  CEO of Psycle, Nutritionist & Naturopath.

1 week ago

When it's tough, will you give up, or will you be relentless? 7:30 @psyclelondon crew you were absolutely relentless with that resistance today! Best. Class. Ever. ✌🏻❤️

2 weeks ago

Loved hitting it with @kevindmcguire tonight! It feels so great to be back training after having 8 weeks off with pneumonia. I've lost loads of strength, but am focused on slowly getting back to full health. It's so important not to let setbacks completely derail you. And when you need an extra bit of help to get back on track - lean on your friends! It doesn't matter if you don't have the same level of fitness. Buddy workouts keep it fun, create accountability and keep you working when you want to quit! ❤️ * * * After a killer TRX session compliments of @beckyduffypt we finished it with: - 30 seconds kettle swings - 30 seconds kettle squat press - 30 seconds jumping lunges - rest for 30 - 6 x through 🔥🔥🔥 #trx #fitlife #kettlebell #motivation #partnerworkout #psycle #strong #hiit #training #challenge #sweateverydamnday @kayacansfield we're next?!

3 weeks ago

Doing some serious BBC prep....

1 month ago

Ps - it's hard..

1 month ago

This weeks challenge! All you need is a place to do pull ups (and a killer playlist). 1 pull up, 1 chest to floor burpee 2 pull ups, 2 chest to floor burpees... Up to 10 and then back down again! * Don't worry if your pull ups aren't strong; After round 5 I need to jump up - just strive for progression not perfection. You'll be shocked at how quickly your strength improves! @anthony_a_d @anthony_towndrow @laura_ann_brown1 @krisswanson2 @ollieblackfit @marienapierfit give it a go 🔥 #sweateverydamnday #psycle #workout #strong #hiit #fitness #motivation #fitlife

1 month ago

Because when AD rides podium with you, you wear a towel on your head. - - - - Absolutely LOVED being on the podium with the Legend himself. Made me think back to riding beside each other in the original PSYCLE training camp with - gasp - SNEAKERS!! What trip to see how far we've come. X Ps - AD thanks for showing them the cool/sexy/dancer versions of all my choreo 🔥 #psyclelondon #fitfam #sweateverydamnday #bestfeelingever #justride #cardio #joblove

1 month ago

'The most magnetic person in the room is always the one who knows exactly who they are, lives fully in their truth and is filled with enough self love and compassion that it overflows and touches us all' This week @psyclelondon I saw such a shift in the riders in my classes. Instead of worrying if they could do it or comparing themselves to others they just went for it and wow, what a change. Now do you see what I see? I've always believed you can do it.....it's your turn 🙌🏻 #believe #liveauthentic #love #confidence #fitfam #sweateverydamnday #psycle #justbreathe #letsdothis

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