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4 days ago

Sorry Not Sorry 🖤

1 week ago

The only time I spend looking back is to see how far I've come. 🔙

2 weeks ago

Warning ⚠️ My biggest soapbox ever, but this years over so I plan to kick off this new year with absolutely ZERO goals. (Que the gasps and open jaws) Wait? WHAT!?! Amanda.... this is not inspiring and yadi yada. You're right, if that's what your looking for, keep scrolling, you'll find someone. This is real. I will put no pressure on myself. Allowing me, to be me. Planning to just be present. Simple right? It may seem insignificant, but in fact it's massive. Be honest, how many of the goals you set last year did you actually accomplish? Don't lie. It's only you reading this. I'm not judging you. The reality is there is no reason to set a goal you will have forgotten by Jan. 17th, just to feel disappointed in yourself and start the cycle all over again. No more of these feelings of failure and negativity. By giving yourself the chance to breath this year, you may just discover the wonderful being you are. Feed your soul and feel your way though this new year. Set a goal, to not set a goal. The positive change will attract the opportunities. Of course there's always room for improvement, but when we stop setting expectations and we are just here, that freedom opens up a pathway you otherwise may have missed. By maintaining this absolute presence my no goals will find their way to me. #thenogoalnewyear

2 weeks ago

Shout it, go on and scream it from the mountains. #brianhead

2 weeks ago

...New wall paint. Clean, fresh and simple. I've been MIA this holiday break catching up on all things I have been wanting to do in my house. Things are going well. 😉

4 weeks ago

👀 👀 👀

1 month ago

GIVEAWAY CLOSED, WINNER ANNOUNCED IN COMMENTS. It's the season of LIGHT! Let your heart be light & let us lighten your load! A few weeks back while visiting with some close friends we started brainstorming how we can help our communities here on Instagram this holiday season. This time of year can be taxing, so the pull to come together and find someway we could help you as a way to give back was born. We've pitched in together and raised $1000 to give away --$500 for YOU & $500 for Someone you LOVE 👯. A little sunshine in your pocket to lift and LIGHTen this holiday season.  So here's what you need to do to be entered: 1. LIKE this image 👆🏻 2. FOLLOW all contributors involved👇🏻 @simplysadiejane @kellyejensen @jennaskitchen @ashleysfreshfix @armelle_blog @shopandapparel @recycleddesign @twistmepretty @letterfolkco @kailee_wright  3. Tag the loved one you would want to give the other $500 to below👇🏻 and tell us why you choose her to help❤️ Feel free to tag more than one person. Each separate tag counts as an entry and we will announce the winner here on this post Monday at 10pm MST. Best of luck dear friends! And thank you for your love this year!

1 month ago

Holiday parties and stuff.

1 month ago

Every women deserves to feel sexy. Even if she is the only one that see it. Thank you to everyone that has supported us in our bra and feminine hygiene drive. The amount of love has been overwhelming to be part of! #supportthegirls bra drive is still going until the 31st, if you can help us #lighttheworld and clothe more women in need.

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