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1 week ago

It was sun down and Raigho saw a couple birds fly above us when we were out in an open field and he was fascinated! He stopped running, stood there and looked way up in the sky watching them. It was such a cute moment that I wish I captured on camera but whatever. I decided to stop capturing the moment and just enjoy it. Just be present. So I stood there with Raigho watching the birds fly high across the lilac sky together . . #pawtners @heisenberg_gsd . . #gsdstagram #germanshepherd #puppy #thegermanshepherdworld #gsdsofinstagram #germanshepard #gsd #germanshepherdpuppy #germanshepherddog #germanshepherdsociety #pawsomegermanshepherds #gsdofig #germanshepherdsofinstagram #gsdsofigworld #ilovemygermanshepherd #dogs_of_day #ilovemygsd #gsdsofigworld #InstaGSD #instagermanshepherd #gsdaremylife #puppysketch #AnimalAddicts

1 week ago

Something scary happend yesterday. The dogs and I were out on a huge field park, doing our usual game of fetch. I didn't notice that there was a guy with his dog walking near us until Raigho decided to go up to them and investigate meanwhile Killian stood near me watching the stranger and his dog carefully. The owner decided to let his dog off leash and I heard him say "go say hello" out loud before I could tell him it wasn't such a good idea (because Raigho isn't exactly that gentle when it comes to playing based on my experience with him and Killian). Raigho came up to the other dog and started sniffing him. Then out of nowhere the dog bared it's teeth and snapped at Raigho's face making him cry out loud. It only took one second before Killian rushed to the other dog and jumped on him with a menacing snarl. I had to yell 'aus' in order for him to let go of the other dogs neck and order him 'platz' so he doesn't go after the dog again while the guy was pulling his dog from the collar. The owner put on his dogs leash and left. It was ignorant for the guy to let his dog off leash and say hi to another dog it's never met before in my opinion. He should've asked me for permission first and asked how my dogs handle meeting other dogs. My hands couldn't stop shaking. Raigho wasn't helping much since he was pretty shaken up and ran away from the scene. I had to chase him down while Killian followed. Thank goodness he was okay. No puncture wounds on his face and neck. The other dog must've gotten Raigho's fur so he was pretty lucky. Killian is a serious dog. He started training for protection since he was a wee pup and due to that he is very confident and will not back down from a challenge. This is the reason why I don't let him say hi to any dog since a dog's demeanor can change any second and you never know what will happen. This doesn't mean that he's dog aggressive. He is friendly and he's also good with other animals like horses, guinea pigs, chickens and cats. He's just serious about his job to protect his pack. When it comes to Killian protecting me, Raigho and my family. He's scary. . . #pawtners @heisenberg_gsd

3 weeks ago

someone's being such a well behaved boy around the house lately and because of that, he no longer sleeps in his crate!!! . although the main reason is that Killian kind of demolished Raigho's crate and it looks like one side of the cage was ran over by a car going 10mph lol . but anyways, Raigho's been sleeping out of his crate a lot this week since I've made Killian borrow it due to his injury. I'm sure that Raigho is 100% ready to sleep outside his crate!!! . . #pawtners @heisenberg_gsd . . #gsdstagram #germanshepherd #puppy #thegermanshepherdworld #gsdsofinstagram #germanshepard #gsd #germanshepherdpuppy #germanshepherddog #germanshepherdsociety #pawsomegermanshepherds #gsdofig #germanshepherdsofinstagram #gsdsofigworld #ilovemygermanshepherd #dogs_of_day #ilovemygsd #gsdsofigworld #InstaGSD #instagermanshepherd #gsdaremylife #puppysketch #AnimalAddicts

1 month ago

Raigho needs to stop playing too rough. He plays rough with my older GSD all the time but this has gone too far... . A couple days ago Killian was sleeping on his side by my foot while Raigho's laying on the couch beside me. He then decided to jump down and land ON TOP of Killian's side. Raigho weighs about 55 pounds, he's HEAVY. The impact made a loud thump and Kill cried. Raigho brush off Killian's cry and proceeded on jumping and play biting him. Ever since then I noticed Killian has a slight limp in his gait but not when he runs . He's still energetic as before, no change in appetite and doesn't growl or whine when I feel around his chest/shoulder area . Except that I have this terrible feeling in my gut and hopefully it's just a pulled muscle and nothing terribly serious where he broke something. For now I have Killian under my radar 24/7 and constantly keeping the little twerp from playing or jumping on Killian . . #pawtners @heisenberg_gsd . . #gsdstagram #germanshepherd #puppy #thegermanshepherdworld #gsdsofinstagram #germanshepard #gsd #germanshepherdpuppy #germanshepherddog #germanshepherdsociety #pawsomegermanshepherds #gsdofig #germanshepherdsofinstagram #gsdsofigworld #ilovemygermanshepherd #mygsd #ilovemygsd #gsdsofigworld #InstaGSD #instagermanshepherd #gsdaremylife #puppysketch #AnimalAddicts

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