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1 day ago

I must say I've been very lucky with my skin this pregnancy. Everyone I see tells me I've got "the glow"(... that's means boy right?!) In any case, I'm not sure if it's the baby or being 5 months into my @endotaspa Organics skincare routine, but I'm definitely keeping it up! This Radiance Boost Serum is full of antioxidants and a staple in my nightly ritual 🤗 #mybestme #endotaorganics #naturalskincare #notsomumsy

2 days ago

En route to #sofrenchysochic today. When I first met my hubby he woo'd me with his mixed cd's (yes CDs, it was 10 years ago!) #nouvellevague featured heavily in our courtship and today we saw them live for the first time. It was a bit of a trip having Archie ( & ninja bub in my belly ) dancing along to "our songs" 👯👯 #love #littlefrenchie #notsomumsy #22weeks

2 days ago

Done ✔️ well crepes actually... 🤰🏼 Happy Weekend!

3 days ago

The end of the week and the end of an era! Archie finished up at preschool 😭 he also declared he's no longer into superheroes 😵 and I can no longer get these shorts over my hips/ thighs🍦🤗 Oh well, onwards and upwards ( & outwards!) I'm gonna miss my superhero sidekick though... Happy Friday guys! #fbf #notsomumsy

5 days ago

Pack away the mumus preggy mamas, my first "Styling the Bump" editorial is live featuring three looks from @the1965society to take you from play date to date night. Modern, cool and most importantly comfy!! Head over to see this bump in action. 🤰🏼Link in profile #21weeks #bumpstyle #notsomumsy

1 week ago

So I've been asked many times if we're finding out baby's gender. We were always planning to, we did with Archie, and being a bit of a control freak I never understood wanting a "surprise"... surely having a baby was enough of a surprise? I was planning to do a big gender reveal and all, but now we've totally done a 180! We might find out closer to the due date if we feel it will help Archie with bonding and to adjust (at the moment he only wants a girl 😂) But for us, this baby has been so hard won and we think the icing on the cake will be the reveal at the end. || 📸 A sneak peek of my first "style the bump" series featuring @the1965society This label is the ultimate maternity line for modern mamas. Can't wait to share more!! So what's your guess Girl or Boy?! 💘💘💘 #21weeks #pregnancystyle #bumpstyle #notsomumsy #the1965tribe #forthemodernbabe #girlorboy

1 week ago

Brekkie with a view 👌🏼We spent this morning sampling the new Summer menu at @onlyaboutchildren Market St campus. I tell you, these pre-schoolers have got it made! The menu is created by celebrity chef & nutritionist @zoebingleypullin so we know our kids are getting the best by way of nutrition, but it also tastes delish! I love that OAC places equal importance on education, health & wellbeing when it comes to learning & development. I have to say one of the perks since Archie started at OAC is that he's willing to try all sorts of food and comes home requesting "food like pre-school" ...which I have to cut and prepare exaaaaactly the same way 🙄- so I reckon that's a pretty good endorsement. Not looking forward to having to prepare his food everyday when he starts big school 😩 You can see more from this morning's launch on Insta Stories 😋😋 #onlyaboutchildren #oacmarketst #summermenu #healthybodyhealthymind

1 week ago

Sunning the bump 🤗. I've been working hard on trying to enjoy every stage of this pregnancy, which isn't so easy for me as I'm a born worrier. For the most part I find pregnancy an anxious time, particularly given my history of losses & Archie's complications at birth. But I have to say daily meditation (thanks Jac @thebroadplace ) is helping me stay in the moment (I can be a big future tripper) and enjoy each day - skin tags, stretch marks, spider veins, trapped gas and all... yes, don't let this pic fool you into the "glamour of pregnancy"...That trapped gas is a killer 😂 #21weeks #pregnant #notsomumsy

1 week ago

What an emotional rollercoaster it is becoming a big brother. One minute he's kissing my belly and the next screaming that I'm going to love the baby more than him. Today he was flailing his arms around and said " I do so much for you Mum, what does the baby do? Nothing. It just lies there (points to my stomach). I get you water, do dances, give you massage..." It was tough trying not to laugh as I explained that I love both my babies and how much the baby will love his/her big brother. Any suggestions on how to prepare him for the new arrival welcome! I guess it's good that he's old enough to verbalise his feelings rather than just acting out... 😬 #pregnancy #20weeks #notsomumsy

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