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3 hours ago

🙋🏼 If you can relate then you need @notsomumsy_thelabel in your life! Not sure who's crazy idea to launch a label 9 months preggers, but least I can do it all in my PJs & cute ones at that! Follow for updates & thanks for all your positive feedback so far 💘Launching very soon! 🙈 #pjsallday #notsomumsy #needmoresleep

6 hours ago

" I’m not that Queensland Vegan yoga teacher who 3 days later, after being blessed by monks & swam with dolphins, was healed & back doing headstands! I was that whingy, anaemic, antisocial, train wreck who left the operating tape on for too long & went into complete hibernation." Today on @rachelle.rowlings shares her c-section reality with her signature humour, wit & rawness. It's a must read and she's a must follow! Love her! Link in profile #notsomumsy #mumlife #contributorpost #realtalk

2 days ago

And with less than 5 weeks to go I have FINALLY found the ultimate preggy jumpsuit from @peainapodmaternity You cant tell I'm pregnant from the front, but the profile is all about le bump 🙌🏼 Head over to for probably my last Style the Bump feature because, well, changing outfits (in fact bending over) has become an Olympic challenge 😩 Link in profile #peainapodmaternity #stylethebump #35weeks #notsomumsy #sp

3 days ago

Hubby's away this week (yep, cutting it fine 🙄) His next trip will be after baby so technically this will be the last time it's just Arch & I when Dad's OS. So lots of movies, cupcake dates and lounge room soccer on the cards for my big boy and I ❤️❤️❤️Meanwhile... back to school and back to making lunches 😑 #35weeks #mumlife #notsomumsy

4 days ago

Bump bliss 💫 Can't wait to meet my little boy or girl but I also want to slow down time and savour these last few weeks... even though I practically need a crane to get off the couch & feel like my lady parts are about to fall out 😐 | From my next "Style the Bump" feature with Melbourne maternity label @peainapodmaternity up on NSM tomorrow 🤰🏼 #35weeks #peainapodmaternity #notsomumsy

4 days ago

Damn it. 🍕🙋🏼

5 days ago

Post baby shower bliss 💫 I had such a beautiful afternoon celebrating my little babe yesterday! Thank you for all your well wishes and comments on my Insta stories. I've had so many questions about all the details and I will be sharing everything on the blog soon- from dress to signage, grazing table, cake & coconuts... but the short answer is I didn't do a thing! It was all down to the talents of @jo_kalivas_events_styling who totally bought my vision to life so I could enjoy a stress-free afternoon with my family & friends. If you're Sydney based Jo's your gal! 💫💫💫 #babyshower #love #35weeks #notsomumsy

6 days ago

Archie going through his never ending list of baby names... today's list DJ, Emmett, Bacon ("No Bacom with an 'm' mum".. duh ) & if it's a girl Sparkle... We better decide on names before we actually leave it to him! (PS baby shower vids up on stories! ) #35weeks #fourinthebed #notsomumsy

1 week ago

We had our growth scan today & bub refused to show us his/her face- which is what happened at our 20 week scan. All we could make out was a bum and the side of the foot... but they looked pretty cute! 😂 Most importantly all is well and he/she is measuring right on average... which was welcome news considering big bro came in at a solid 4kg & I was a little worried that number 2 would be bigger. Apparently this baby has a "good size head to push out" 😂😳I celebrated with loaded fries & ice cream. Can't wait to finally see you little one! ❤️ #fbf #lovemybump #notsomumsy #doublerainbow

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