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2 days ago

✌🏼💋 New week, new stretchy outfit! My latest "style the bump" post and a 6 month bumpdate sharing what I'm loving, craving & what's annoying the crap out of this hormonal mama (hi hubby 👋🏼) up now on | Outfit @legoeheritage Happy Monday! x #bumpstyle #legoeheritage #notsomumsy #26weeks #sp

5 days ago

So proud of how my little guy's transitioning to big school, so blessed to feel my baby's kicks getting stronger by the day & so thankful I get two days break from making lunches 🙌🏼 I'm sharing my best ever mama & maternity shop edit on NSM - including this dress that everyone asks me about! I think I wear it almost every day. Perfect bump/burger coverage 💃🏻 Link in profile. Happy Fridaaaaay! #tgif #shopedit #notsomumsy #26weeks #bumpstyle #bigwbaby

6 days ago

Today my brave, beautiful friend of over 20 years @natashathompson_doula shares the moment she was diagnosed with Leukemia while pregnant with her second child and how she has come to a place of gratitude... " knowing what it is like to be loved, to be a mother, to have children, to experience the amazing body changing through pregnancy, feeling little shoulder barges and legs kicking out of my stomach and savouring every moment." Her perspective is beyond inspiring and a good reminder for us all to focus on and appreciate the little things in life. Tash is now pregnant with her third babe & we're due around the same time. Link in profile for her full story 💘 #love #gratitude #livethelittlethings #mumspiration

6 days ago

Heart wins. For the third night this week 🍕🍨😬

1 week ago

All about numbers this kid. We don't know where he gets it - hubby's a creative and I'm all about words, but Archie counts and calculates allll day long. "When the baby is 16, I'll be 21... Listen to me count backwards from 300, how come 100 is bigger than 99 when 9 is bigger than 1 and 0..." and we have to time and score EVERYTHING! (Makes getting ready for school easy 😂) As great as this is, his interest in reading and sounds took a bit of a backseat, as he just didn't have the passion or patience... then he started @readingeggs about a month ago and it's totally motivated him to enjoy letters and sounds (No doubt because of the scores & levels) He does the cutest happy dance when he gets to the next level. It's so good to see him enjoy learning (he thinks it's a game!) I love love love it & cant recommend it enough. If you missed my interview with @becjudd head over to as the former Speech Pathologist sheds some light on the benefits of the program on learning & development. They are still offering a 4 week free trial if you want to try it out. 🤓💯👌🏼 #backtoachool #readingeggs #learntoread #sp

1 week ago

HELLO WEEKEND! 💐☕️💃🏻 If only you were 20 degrees cooler ... Today on I'm taking you to my three of my favourite Sydney cafes and showing you how this week I enjoyed them without my phone, bag or wallet. Yep, This SmartCup is so smart, it picked up the tab. Welcome to the future! 🤗 Link in profile @optus #YesOptus #OptusPay #notsomumsy #sp

1 week ago

Today on NSM I chat to model, TV/radio presenter, blogger & entrepreneur @becjudd about all things motherhood- from how she juggles her 4 children (including 4 month old twins!) with her busy career to why she turned her comments off her Instagram... & if she prefers chocolate to cheese, heels to trainers, running to yoga (you know, the important stuff!) | The former Speech Pathologist also shares some tips about language development and reading through her ambassador role for @readingeggs. We gas-bagged for a while so I posted the whole audio of our conversation. She's a really cool, down to earth, inspiring mama- check it out. Link in profile. Meanwhile, melting over here in this heatwave 🙋🏼 #mamacrush #becjudd #interview #notsomumsy

2 weeks ago

The weekly bake off with my sous (& ever growing bun in the oven) !! Week 2 of school and I'm already googling lunchbox inspo, so I've decided to share some tried & tested healthy treat recipes in a new blog series " Lunchbox" ( I know, totally genius name 😂) I'm coconut obsessed so this week it's Coconut Squares! Gluten, Dairy, refined sugar free and soooo tasty! And yep he's rolling his eyes at me 🙄 more of his funny facials on insta stories. Recipe link in profile #barefootandpregnant #recipe #niulife #coconutobsessed #notsomumsy

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