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1 hour ago

[My First NYFW Experience: Mimi Prober] New blog post (and TWO NYC VLOGS) are now on! 💋 #linkinbio #NYFW 📸PC: @jonfromchicago --- Behind-the-scenes of a fashion & food photoshoot, being silly with @fionahx3, and watching my first NYFW runway show (@mimiprober) - find all of these fun clips on my most recent upload on YouTube 👉🏼 Just search "Exploring NYC With Missmisschelle | NYFW + Beyond" and don't forget to hit the 👍🏻 button! 🙃

3 days ago

Happy Friday loves! 💕 Spending all of today with a stress-free & relaxing schedule - see tips on how I destress on Instastories 😌 Totally ready to start fresh & put in the work after a restful weekend! #pinkstagram • Rose gold watch by @klasse14 • Sweet treats by @laduree (thanks for taking me here @sharonlitz!) • Food IG 👉🏼 @notsomisschealthy

4 days ago

📹INSIDER FEATURE📹 So excited to be featured in @thisisinsider's video today! 😍 Be sure to click the link in my bio to watch! 🤗💕 Comment "🍭" if you checked it out! • Food IG 👉🏼 @notsomisschealthy 📸PC: @videoswithwendy

5 days ago

Two years ago, we started off as complete strangers living in different cities & states - with fashion serving as our only creative outlet. Fast forward two years later, we planned a girls trip together to Chicago, Illinois. And today, we make sure to stay closely connected by texting each other every day, updating each other with the current events from back at home. Who knew how much our lives could change within two years? Sometimes, surprises are the best parts of life - and meeting these girls was one of them ❤ #longdistancefriendships 📸PC: @theonlychihai --- Don't forget to check out my latest YouTube video collaboration with @videoswithwendy 👉🏼 Featuring my favorite homemade recipe for "Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread" 😍🍫🍌🍞 #linkinbio

1 week ago

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Are you going to spend that time making excuses or are you going to spend it working towards your dreams? Choose wisely 👊🏻 #motivationalmonday 📸PC: @jimmykurz

1 week ago

After recently braving through cold-weather cities such as NYC & Chicago, my skin could use a little pick-me-up! Ended my night by applying the #roloxinlift , available across the country from @sephora/@dermarchelabs! After applying this mask for 10 minutes before washing it off, my skin felt so much softer and brighter! Try it for yourself and you'll see what I mean 😉✨ #ad

1 week ago

Spending the weekend catching up on deadlines while cooking @kraft_macandcheese for the family and I ❤ Don't forget to check today's Instastories for a quick but fun #behindthescenes - because Mac & Cheese is fun to make & delicious to eat! After all, cheesy food leads to cheesy smiles all around, am I right? 😉🧀 #ad

1 week ago

Battle Of The Lashes 👀 New blog post is now on! 🙂 #linkinbio • Wearing "Fairy Kathy" 100% mink lashes by @fairylashboutique ✨ 📸PC: @sharonlitz --- Want to learn about the differences among mascara, non-mink vs. mink falsies, & eyelash extensions? For each lash product and/or service, I provide a detailed list of pros and cons as well as share my personal experiences (both good & bad)! Here's to pampering our lashes - whichever way we want 😉✨

1 week ago

When the world is your office & the creativity never stops flowing 🏙 (P.S. Can you spot us? 😉) 📸PC: @huyentxo & @theonlychihai

1 week ago

"Build a life you never need a vacation from" ✈️ • Wearing @dynamic_asia, @hm, @shopbexo, @level99jeans, & @stevemadden 👢 --- Without my passion for @Instagram or blogging, I would have never befriended or have even gotten to known these girls from all across the United States. People who think that long distance friendships are not worth their time will be the ones potentially missing out on the best kinds of friends to enter their life. Don't ever close the door to opportunities that await you just because it's not easy or doesn't fall within the "norm" of societal standards. To me, I choose to cherish & value friendships regardless of distance - and that's the strongest kind of bond you can develop with a person. Thank you ladies for making this Chicago trip a vacation to remember 🌆❤ 📸PC: @jonfromchicago #vietnamesepopband #exceptmichelleischinese

2 weeks ago

Exploring NYC with Missmisschelle: Reuniting With Instagram Friends 🌆 #linkinbio 📍☕️ @whitenoisecoffeeco --- My FIRST VLOG OF 2017 is now on my YouTube channel (missmisschelle)! Find behind-the-scenes of a fashion/food photoshoot with @fionahx3, what an NYC snowstorm looks like, silly commentary from my friends (@fionahx3, @sharonlitz, @comfycitychic) and I, & more! Lastly, I'd love it if you could subscribe to my channel, like the video, & say hello in the comments section! 😉👋🏻 Again, thank you guys SO much for your support and I am so happy to have joined the YouTube community this year! #noregrets #justpassion

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