Michael Vazquez

@michaelcvazquez  Love God, People & Fitness Snapchat - mikecvazquez Performixdriven - Aesthetic Revolution - StrengthWraps ✉️ [email protected]

1 day ago

Super Sets!! Mixing strength and endurance is why I love working out. Not only do you grow athletically and stronger but you maintain a proper and shredded physique year round. Not everything to fitness but it feels amazing to be light fast and strong. This is my hybrid training have fun and crush yours!!! Also I'll be training you in Bali this Summer in July. Make sure to sign up at @activeescapes (link in there bio) Let's get it!!

3 days ago

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander. And my faith will be made stronger. #hillsong #hillsongla Have an amazing day it's time to crush some training! 💪🏾🙏🏾

4 days ago

Make your vision a reality. It won't be easy. It will not come falling on your lap. Failure will be aggressive. Let it in. Give into it. Remember that in order to achieve anything worth while you must earn and work hard for it.. not just when you receive it but when you have it. That's when the real work comes. You have this success but it's a fragile thing hold on to it. Do not find comfort in it. It might sound crazy to think we never stop working. But when you love what you do every single day. And have true purpose in it. It's not work. It's life. Make it happen. Right Now. Have a great Monday. Train hard and stay driven @performixdriven #weareone Caption live on @vazquezland

6 days ago

Dallas you are pretty sexy. To bad the Packers are gonna smash all ova ya tomorrow 😜 Being out here with @performixdriven has truly been an inspiring and passionate event! So blessed to be apart of Corr Jensen and Performix! Love this family so much! Now time to train then more company shenanigans. #performixdriven

1 week ago

Strike a pose. #freezefridays On my way to Dallas. Any gym recommendations? Let's train!!

1 week ago

Train for the Rain #beastmode Getting in some rainy wods because I really love embarrassing myself. #rainofwods

1 week ago

The cheese is real with Harl Dog Hope you have an amazing day. Crush training and life. Most of all don't forget to show them teeth as much as you can! #smilegains I'll be in Dallas this weekend with @performixdriven for new product meetings/training with our veterans and other shenanigans. If you have any beastly gym recommendations drop them below!

1 week ago

Praise Party at the Vazquez home. As I grow spiritually. Im finding out that being a father is so much more than teaching my son what's right or wrong. It's about walking our faith hand in hand. Teaching him to love people and to love God. I'm blessed to have such an amazing boy. He has the biggest heart and being his father not only gives me purpose but it gives me life. Now it's time to Jam on!! #praisepartyupinthis #welovejesus #jesusfreaks #tothemax #horseythings

1 week ago

Your gut knows what's up. Trust that feeling and walk with it everyday. Coffee//Training time. Cheers

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