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12 hours ago

This past weekends shenanigans. I want to take the time an say how blessed we all are. I know sometimes we get hit with bad weather and things don't happen to plan but I firmly believe with prayer and patience amazing things will come. I also want to say how much I appreciate all of you. 1. Because I am able to share my faith with. 2. You all inspire me one way or another. We are a family. And even if it seems that there is a lot of vanity with the fitness industry I want you all to know that it's so more that comes with it. We help each other out. Shoot you guys help me out daily because I'll read one of you're comments and it pushes myself to keep pushing limits. So in return I hope to do the same. Have value for you're life and keep staying strong in you're faith especially when times get rough. It's in those times that you will grow and become stronger than ever. Enjoy the day!! Special appearances by Devin and @nikkirica 😍👴🏾🌮 #papataco #familygains #workoutgains #performix #monsterjam #iwasreallyexcited #truckflipsarelifegoals

19 hours ago

Monday we coming at cha hot!! See you this week in Columbus Ohio for the Arnold. Going to be epic times as we host the I am @performixdriven challenge! Stay motivated and stay driven!! #performixdriven

1 day ago

Leaders are not leaders because they’re smarter, more talented, or more organized than those around them. Nor because they’re tall or wealthy or more muscular. Leaders are the ones who take courage. Regardless of what is going on around them, they repeatedly exercise the courage to step up and use their influence to move others in the right direction. People will follow a leader even if he doesn’t have it all together. But they won’t follow a man without courage, because a man without courage won’t lead. -Stephen Kendrick, quote from the book from The Resolution for Men Hope you are having a great Sunday everyone. Monday is amongst us. Let's get ready to crush it! @aestheticrevolution 📷 @westonboucher

2 days ago

When your training and that beat comes on! Happy Saturday! @performixdriven stay driven and move!

5 days ago

My roll dawgs Who will be at @elev8_performance this Saturday. They along with @nikkirica will be hosting a awesome fitness event where all proceeds go to Animals in Need. Come workout, eat, and meet awesome people that not only love fitness but love helping others! Event starts at 11am at gym @elev8_performance Will be there with Harley getting our training on!! Aka me chasing her all over the damn place. See ya there! For more information click @elev8_performance 📷 @functionallynakedphotography #dogwods #petersburg #Peterstiltskin #peterville #harlburger #harlo #bobharley

6 days ago

Lead by example. Get these kids outside. Get them dirty. Be strict and don't give them the choice to either play video games or play outside. I guarantee you in today's society they will always pick the iPad. These kids crave structure. Have fun and engage I promise you the outcome will be worth it. Father and son fitness because Devins about the gains. lol have a great day!!

1 week ago

Remember why you are here. Today is just a day so incase you feel like breaking or feel defeated. Remember why you are here. I often talk to people on how I stay motivated daily. And my answer is always the same. I remember that I have a job to do and I remember why I started this journey. I accept that the path has led me to great things, mentally and physically. Mentally I'm stronger. Physically I'm doing things I never thought I could. And I as I walk through this road, I understand that it might take me down different routes. Ones filled with obstacles or storms. But it's then when I quickly remember, why I am here. It's because I love what I do. I love what I've become in the process. I love that I could feel anxious or stressed one minute and step into the gym the next and let it all go. We all have different answers and different stories why we are making changes in our life but If you feel without an answer. Take a pin and pad today and write down why I am here, followed by you're answer. Have a great day and stay blessed. @performixdriven 📷 @functionallynakedphotography #performixdriven

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