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1 day ago

It's not how bad the season is. It's not how many obstacles get in your way it's how you deal with these situations that defines you. That strengthens you. Look at every situation you encounter with hope. I genuinely mean when I say, you can not give up. And yes you may fail at times, but if I didn't fall I wouldn't know pain and the feeling of getting back on my feet. Keep pressing in. Continue to put you're head high, constantly look for motivation in yourself and in others around you. Its easier to run from a situation but know this, it's much more satisfying to conquer one. @performixdriven #performixdriven #strengthinnumbers #pressin #conquer 📷 @functionallynakedphotography

2 days ago

Back in LA! Time to get some skate gains at Santa Monica beach before an epic day with my boys!! Tacos anyone!!? Have a solid weekend! shorts 🔥 from @aestheticrevolution 🤙🏾

4 days ago

We came. We saw. We conquered. Out here crushing workouts with @hannaheden_fitness my beastly sista from anotha mista! Think it's time for carbs on carbs!! 🔥🍕Thank you Utah for having us and thank you Nordictrack for letting us monster out all week! Gains on Gains baby!!

6 days ago

Teaching my child to live healthy is one of the main reasons why I got into fitness. Before my son was born, I was a very lost boy. I Had no purpose and absolutely no drive. It's pretty amazing how much our youth can impact our own lives. And while it frustrates me to see kids my sons age locked in their room playing video games, we have to constantly remind ourselves that it's not their faults but ours. We are the adults and if you let them watch tv all day trust me they won't think twice about it. Don't let electronics be babysitters. So I encourage you all, if you have children,If you're an older brother or sister, or you're around kids all day. Remind them that movement is everything. Get them dirty have them go outside, get into some damn trouble! It's way better then being hooked on a tablet. Don't be the reason that their minds are fried and over stimulated. Be the solution and get them moving. Live heathy, laugh and smile every day! You'll live a longer and have a more fulfilling life. @sweetsweat we believe in the future.

6 days ago

Day 2 is complete! Shooting for @nordictrack has been such an amazing experience! Creating 15 monster intense workouts and having to film 3 a day has literally humbled me as an athlete. I don't care how fit you are this will destroy you! I'm so thankful to have such an amazing hard working crew hyping me up the entire time filming! Also I want to give a special acknowledgement to @hannaheden_fitness she has beyond inspired me. She not only impowers woman to be bad ass but she's straight up hilarious. If only she got her squinty eye game down. Hah!! Crushing it Hannah and so honored to be working with you! Here's some bts of both days and Follow our ig stories as we still have 3 more days in the books!! Let's get it!! #nordicttrackgains #sponsoredbynordictrack #squintyeyegains

1 week ago

Mix up your training!! We are coming in on summer and what better way to train but to go outside and get you're sweat on!!! Stay fueled and energized like me and take @performixdriven ISO bcaas to keep that endurance levels at 💯 let's get it!! #performixdriven

1 week ago

Jumping into Monday like.. Just arrived in Salt Lake City and will be out for the next week filming in Logan UT, if you know of any bad ass gyms to hit while I'm here, let me know! And catch all the Nordictrack bts on my ig story! #nordicttrackgains 📷 @steiner.creative 🔥

1 week ago

My inspiration and light. Loving you has given my life so much meaning and purpose at times it makes my heart overwhelmed with joy. Thank you for being the boy you are and thank you Jesus for giving me the greatest title a man can ever receive. Being able to call myself a father. Happy Father's Day to all my brothers with lil warriors. 📷 @functionallynakedphotography 🙏🏾

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