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2 days ago

My Soulzie My Life. It's been inspiring Australia but it's finally time to come home. I miss this woman more than words can explain. @nikkirica

3 days ago

Flex Friday coming atcha hot! I don't think I've worn a shirt this entire trip to Aussie Land. 2 more days to go and Ima stick it out and own the crap outta it. So wow what an epic night! Flew from Sydney to Brisbane did a Bootcamp at @afenoggera @monsta_suppsthen drove to The Gold Coast to train at @temple_gym with the bad ass crew @_ampm_official_ got to see so much talent in such a strong and humble environment of athletes. Blessed to be able to come show our support and train with you all! One more stop to go then it's back home! Have a great day! Cheers! #performixdriven #performixtour @performixdriven

4 days ago

Because when someone brings a decked out jeep and lambo I must use and abuse it! Thanks @Supplementwarfare @f45_training_flinderspark for letting us use you're gym to host the 400 rep Juggernaut workout! Performix tour is almost wrapped up. Flying to Brisbane to get some more clinics in! Love fitness and love life!! Let's go!! #performixdriven

5 days ago

Solid day running The Performix Bootcamp with my two mates. Thank you @sabasecamp for inviting us to you're amazing gym and thank you to every single person who came and crushed our deathly workouts and obstacle courses. Fitness is more than just looking good it's about inspiring others to achieve greatness so we all can grow together. Time to fly out from Adelaide. Next stop Sydney!! Cheers!! #performixdriven

6 days ago

Ninja Warrior Training! One thing about me is you give me a obstacle I will over come it. I'm and avid believer that if you want something done you don't stop until it's accomplished. Don't let anything keep you in the way of happiness. For me it's Family God and Fitness. Some might have other passions and that's fine but whatever it is in life make sure not to let the storms keep you down. Overcome it and crush life! Landed in Adelaide and first stop was checking out the most epic gym I've ever trained in @sabasecamp wow. The hype was real. About to run a training Bootcamp and workshop here for the @performixdriven tour and I couldn't be more pumped to bring our drive to Australia! Let's get it in! And hope you all have a great day of training! #performixdriven

1 week ago

Just wrapped up an epic training session with my boy Benny the Koala. Least to say My Koala WOD put him right to sleep. Get it in Benny you deserve those Zzzz's. It's been great Melbourne, but now it's time to say goodbye and hello our next city Adelaide! Performix tour lets go! #koalawods #performixdriven

1 week ago

Not only did I get to come to church while I'm out here in Australia but I got to bring my brother with me. Bros praying together in every meal, praising God, and doing epic fitness stuff is pretty much making this trip complete, and hey it's only started! Beyond thankful for my job, letting me be able to finally experience Hillsong Australia and very thankful for Scott for being the guy he is and getting all the J gains with me. Love you and so proud of you man. Now it's time to pet some koalas. Have a blessed day!! Cheers!

1 week ago

Australian it up with my two wicked mates @scott_mathison_ and @andrew_pap_ we've been keen for a legend workout!! Cheers!! (Man I'm crushing the lingo) hah time for day two with @performixdriven at the Arnold Classic in Melbourne come say aye mate at booth 149!!

1 week ago

I believe that with time, patience and bravery you can accomplish anything you desire. It definitely won't be easy. It most likely will not be given. And that's ok. You want to earn every damn minute. With every drop of sweat, every tear and ounce of ambition you will see yourself growing into something unbroken. Be fearless in the pursuit. Have fire. And let it burn within you and around you. We are in Melbourne right now and would love anyone in the area to come say hello at the Arnold. Look for the PerformixBooth #149 let's get a workout in!! #performixdriven #youaremore #havefire #kingofkings #havepurpose

1 week ago

Awesome first day in Melbourne. Smashed a workout met some awesome people and drank a whole bunch of glorious coffee. We will be out here for the next 12 days so come by the @performixdriven booth tomorrow at the Arnold Classic. Cheers!

2 weeks ago

On the days you feel like not getting up. When you feel too tired to do anything. Remember there a lot of people out there feeling the same way. The difference is that you're the one that says I will move. I will ignore all temptation to fall asleep on my dreams. And when you get up. And you start walking understand that the road is full of bumps trying to steer you off course. And it's ok. Because it is not permanent, it is only temporary. If you can get through this then you will become better stronger and wiser. We only get one opportunity and one life on earth to make a difference so let's get up start moving. @performixdriven #performixdriven 📷 @functionallynakedphotography

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