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7 hours ago

When you walk into the gym today be ready work. Put all distraction aside. Use all negative thoughts and surround them with positive ones. Drown doubt and rise with the upmost confidence that it makes it impossible to stop. Most importantly stay hungry. This journey is hard and it will keep you to the ground, but if we are always hungry and always craving greatness. Then believe me you will succeed. Have a great day of training!

1 day ago

Handstand gains with my broteins! Santa Monica training today was a success. Time for some chipotle. Extra steak extra quac. Have a blessed one!! 🤙🏾 @scott_mathison_ @rynosaurusflex

3 days ago

Ready for the weekend! Keep you're goals high and stay confident. Let's crush training today! Here's my PerformixDriven workout for those who want to start there day off with some intensity. #performixdriven workout 15 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 20 over head lunges with plate 20 push-ups 10 box jumps 10 toes to bar 5 deadlifts M(225lbs) W(185lbs) 5 burpees Let's get it and hashtag #performixdrivenworkout @performixdriven 🤙🏾💪🏾

4 days ago

Movement is everything.

5 days ago

Every step I take is followed by a vision. Thinking of what can I accomplish next. What knowledge I could absorb and what mistakes I can repair. I must be more than yesterday. But hey we are human and not everyday is the same. You might feel still, stopped in one place, unaccomplished. Happens to you. Happens to me. But when I'm in this place and I feel uneasy or motionless, I fix my mind on two things. 1. How far I've come. 2. How far I will go. It's in these moments that give you the courage and strength to rise above. We all have it in us. We all can accomplish anything we damn well please. But first we must vision it. We must work and take the proper steps with "giving up" out of our vocabulary. Keep you're head, held high and continue to take steps towards you're purpose.

6 days ago

Strength in numbers! Surround yourself with driven minded people. People that are positive who have ambition who want good for themselves. Sometimes when we hang with a lot of negative energy our own fire starts to burn out. This is when we have to take a step back and crush it with other individuals who want to do nothing but the same. And yes we all have our days but when we are hanging with a group of driven minded people I promise you they will lift you up when you are down. Grateful for knowing my sista from a another mista @_ladylife_ straight killed training at Metroflex! Follow her stuff and let's all stay strong in numbers!! Happy training stay @performixdriven #performixdriven

1 week ago

The more ya know.. Roos are like humans if we're not being fed constantly we're grumpy af. Aussie time is in a couple weeks. This time Sydney will be our home and I finally get to spend some time at Hillsong Sydney Campus! More details to follow! Have a great day!

1 week ago

There might be days where you feel lost and inadequate. You might feel motivated one minute but the next you're sitting still and uninspired. Relax. It's fine. This is a feeling we all go through, just remember it is no excuse to skip out on you're greatness. We all have it in us no matter what situation you're in. Strength is earned so let's work for it. And while you're working hard towards you're goals remember that doubt can easily haunt you. It will follow you around mocking every positive move you make, and if you let it .10 out of 10 times it will keep you down. Do not let it in and burry you're dreams. Look forward to every bump on the road and use it as motivation. Remind yourself that some days will be better than others but it will never keep me from moving. Be driven and walk with others that desire the same. @performixdriven Have a great day of training! #performixdriven

2 weeks ago

Make the gym your playground 💯 Love turning a workout into a challenge. It's not only fun but it gives my body one hell of a test! Walk into the gym this week and create something that puts you're mind and body to the test! Be all! Shorts by @aestheticrevolution

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