💜 Kerina Mango

@mangorabbitrabbit  👻 Blog: kerinamango.com 💁🏼Luxyhair: MANGO5 💌 Collabs: [email protected] 💎 My hairrrrrrr👇🏻💕

2 hours ago

On da blog I share how I mix two colors of hair extensions from @luxyhair for that highlight effect! Ch-ch-check it out link in bio! 💁🏼www.kerinamango.com

1 day ago

What? You wanna #dab ? How about you learn how to crawl first teddy boo? 😂❤️️ #babylucas

2 days ago

Do I blend in yet? 😛have a bunch of things to do but all I can think about is fooooood 🍦🍰🍘🍱🍫🍧🍻🍺🍩🍭I thought I only had to limit my food choices during pregnancy but breastfeeding tho! #nomorewine #momdilemma #kerinaootd

3 days ago

When you live in Canada... and jumping on frozen lakes is your idea of fun 🤓 Wanted to show you my favorite @Clifbar but I ate it on the ice lol 😂😝 #tooyummy What is your ideal adventure? #feedyouradventure

6 days ago

Mommie please stahpppppp no more 📸 plzzzzzz #babylucas

1 week ago

Hustle hustle hustling 👌🏻endless work to do but I'm LOVING it! ❤️️new Vivian off shoulder sweater on @shopmangorabbit 🐰 #kerinaootd

1 week ago

For once I have actual snow in my hair ❄️ YAY for fridayyyyy! Wearing @luxyhair 💁🏼for my 1000th post! MANGO5 for 💸

1 week ago

No matter how much 🍋 life (or buddy) gives us, it's not so bad when it's with you❤️️tag your lover! #kerinatravels

1 week ago

Embarking on the journey of mommy-hood 👩‍👦I'm glad @clifbar's got me when I need refueling to play with this little man. 💪🏻I'm with Clif, who's with me? ❤️️Follow @clifbar if you want to #feedyouradventure !

1 week ago

A number of you wanted to see my workout routine so here's one with my little teddy! 🐻he loves it! 😂not sure what this is called though..anyone? 🤔(this vid is sped up I'm obviously not flailing him left and right this fast 😝) #kerinaworkout

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