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18 hours ago

#happysunday here's some motivational art for your day • Sometimes I feel like there's so many things holding me down. But my mind. My heart. My dreams keep me afloat. Keep me pushing for the things I want. Making progress every single day. And pushing past all the things and people that hold me down. Proud of all the things I've accomplished and for keeping my head up through this really difficult tough industry. We're in the times of instant gratification so when things don't turn out the way we want, I see so many people turning around giving up. That's not how you build a future. A strong stable empire. Gotta work from the bottom up! 😜 Not everyone's going to like me. Not everyone's going to want me to dance for them or with them. But at some point. I'll be there 😊 at some point they'll hire me.

1 week ago

Happy Monday Started my morning with much needed Physical Therapy. I've slowed down the amount of dancing and activity I put myself through because of pain, strains and my body compensating for the lack of use of the right muscles.I haven't been able to push myself to work out and get into shape. But hopefully this will be the beginning of healing, strengthening and understanding my body. Because I put my body through a lot! Dancers are athletes and it takes so much time and effort to refine our art. It's only up from here! 📸 @mrkaykasem #dancer #pt #choreographer #photographer #healing #physicaltherapy #athlete #go2talent #losangeles

2 weeks ago

And it's up!

2 weeks ago

🙋🏽‍♂️ Busy day, and all I wanna do is lay around

2 weeks ago

If I allowed everyone's opinions and words affect me, I wouldn't be here right now. Doing what I do. I thank myself everyday that I never listened to anyone who told me I shouldn't follow my dreams. And those who still continue to doubt me... don't call me when I'm at the top! Cuz I won't answer 😝😎👊🏽 #followyourdreams #mondaymotivation

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