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@mad.braids  ❤ = faith + family + friends《 Psalm 23 》I ♡ hair but this is not my identity, just something I love to do [email protected]

2 months ago

Such a great 1st meet today! I was so happy to get see everyone there supporting me - even got a new personal best time...must of been because of all the people cheering me on, thank you SO much! #crosscountrylife #loudzimmbachadventures

2 months ago

"Rocky" moment with my grandpa at my first cross country meet this season!😂🏃

3 months ago

Isn't kind of funny how America has one day a year to be extremely thankful for all you have and what God has given you?! I'm CERTAINLY not saying I don't love thanksgiving (because I LOVE thanksgiving), but I don't think that we have to have one day a year to count the things we are thankful for, I mean, why not be thankful everyday?! God has been so gracious and merciful to me, that I don't think I could even attempt to count all the things I'm thankful for!😂 #thanksgiving #Godisgood #yesIknowthanksgivingistomorrow

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