♡♡♡ #lovestories #proposal . . We met on 28/7/16 in @amadi_kindness and @amadiericeke wedding. The person to drive the bride was delaying. So her husband angrily gave me the key of a range rover spot to drive his wife to church. Yh I can drive but thats not hobby besides i had plans with the other asheobi girls to take all our pixs before the occasion starts fully. So becos of that i had no pix of her wedding.lol. after the wedding i was to come back to enugu that same day the bride told me to follow the guy who drove her husband to church that he is also going to enugu. Immediately i entered his car he was like ' for my mind im feeling like the pilot 1 driving a bride in a range' i smiled and said 'for your mind too, feeling like pilot 2..... we laughed. We talked through out our journey till we got to enugu from owerri. The next day my friend called me and asked what my blood group is. I told her AA.. After then, the groom's driver which was also my driver back home became friends, then asked me out. U no girls nau.. forming gimme time. Lol. He told me one day that life is all about risk, so i shld take d risk. Haha. Base on d romantic girl that i am. I replied yes by giving him a red love shaped throwpillow which was written 'MY BOO' so that was how it all started. Lol. Then abt d engagement day...leave it for part2. (Just know I ran out initially out of shock) It might seem y d rush its just 6 months, but seriously its not about how long, its about the 2 souls. He is the most understanding and patient man ive come across. So real and warm. How blessed am i to know him.. how honoured i am that he choose me to share his future with him. . Congrats @bunmi.bee #saturdaychronicles Source: @preweddingnaija