Hunter @navyandorange5 months ago · Solana Beach, California

sorry to have been so MIA this week! ••• I can't believe it is only Wednesday... so far this week, I had an unexplainable temperature of 102, with no other symptoms, the little prince woke up at 345 one morning and refused to go back to sleep (but has been sleeping like a champ since) and the dog got sick everywhere before 7 am ••• THUS this has been my uniform ••• these pjs are my favorite, you can get them monogrammed and I can't do the laundry fast enough to wear them ••• I also linked the navy ones I alternate them with when these are in the wash, because I need fresh pjs every night #breastmilk ••• is it the weekend yet??? . . . . . . #liketkit #ltkunder100 #ltkunder50


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