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    What's the point of standing for a flag if cops are out here killing our people and the courts are letting them go which are the same people that stand for that flag and represents that flag? @shaq

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  • dallascowboystv8 months ago

    @phazetheking If you don't stand for the cops, stand for the troops. Without them we would be nothing, have nothing and we'd all be in trouble. At least stand for them if you don't want to stand for the cops.

  • lafegod8 months ago

    @everythingdallascowboys I disagree I'm not standing for those that kill my people and a country and let's them get away with it.

  • lafegod8 months ago

    @everythingdallascowboys without them I'm still me and I still have my people....

  • dallascowboystv8 months ago

    @phazetheking I understand why you wouldn't stand for the cops and law but don't understand why you wouldn't stand for the men and women who serve overseas protecting our country and the people in it while risking their life's. Without them, we might not have any of the stuff we are blessed with and given. Like I said don't do it for the cops, do it for our troops and the people who died serving our country.

  • lafegod8 months ago

    @everythingdallascowboys the troops are dying for a lie. A country that don't care about nothing

  • dallascowboystv8 months ago

    @phazetheking Look, white people are getting killed by white officers just as much if not more than African American people. The media only talks about the African Americans getting shot not any of the whites. I'm not saying that your wrong about the shootings need to stop, but it's not a big enough problem as you think. If the country didn't care then we would be a country where everyone is in poverty, no protection, starvation and everything. The country is better than you think. It is very frustrating to hear about those shootings, but you got to remember 99% of those cops aren't like the ones you hear on TV. Media wants you to believe that it's a way bigger problem then it is. Protest don't do anything but cause more problems, but not standing just because there are a couple of corrupt cops is absurd.

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    sup shaqalack

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    how you been bro

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    lmao they made him like jay z a lil 😂

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    @everythingdallascowboys I have nothing against white people but when they stand up for us that's, when I'll have a concern about them or any other race

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    Curious how everyone is so patriotic these days. You people are comical, you claim you support our troops yet walk by homeless veterans daily without helping them, the very people who have risked life and limb for your freedom, yet you're outraged over #ColinKaepernick not standing for the pledge of allegiance 😒😒😒 Where are the protests or petitions from you patriotic citizens to help homeless/unemployed/underemployed veterans 🤔🤔🤔 since you're so concerned. Let me see if I can get this right, it's disrespectful to veterans to not stand up during the pledge of allegiance, but it's perfectly acceptable to leave them jobless and rotting in the street?!?!? Human hypocrisy is both intriguing yet distressing... You people DO NOT care about veterans, you only are "outraged" because someone is speaking against injustice. When the little people are given a voice or speaks out against injustice, the masses try and silence it, because they are uncomfortable with facing the truth within the society they live in. You see "justice for all," is arbitrary in that "justice" only applies to a certain group of people; and every time light is shed on injustices, more and more truth comes out and takes away from the benefitting groups privilege(s), hence "outrage" albeit selective (cognitive dissonance). I'm sure none of what I am saying will be considered, and instead my character and previous clearly facetious Facebook status' will be attacked, but ask yourselves this right quick; does my crass sense of humor and perceived "ineptitude" refute any of my afore-stated claims 😏😏 -Dismissed

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    What's he doing drawing a life size picture of you

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    @elixdraws can u do this 😳

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    @catyireyes I'm definitely not this good Hahaha

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    I disagree @elixdraws

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    @catyireyes I will do my best 💕

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    He was the only NBA player that could rap 4real!!!!

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    I hope you know that people don't read comments like yours. They just scroll past them so just stop 😂💀 @l.a.m_21

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    Yo diesel u like art....scotttups69. Wat u thix...peace

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    @shaq cool drawing

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    Kazaam you got the whole plan.😀

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    Looks a bit like magic johnson :D

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    @elixdraws @soysaucesebastian

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    I love you shaq

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    Yea fu shaq u suck

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    Hi Shaq, I'm conor, I'm fat but I'm still a baller

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