Will Chiang Photography @willchiangfotos10 months ago · Montage Laguna Beach

I left my corporate job in 2011 and this career in photography wasn't ever suppose to be something I was going to do for a long time. It's no secret that running your own business can be intimidating and to be very honest lonely at times. It took some time to get it right but as I looked around yesterday at The Knot's OC Industry mixer, I found myself surrounded by an amazing community. There's a group called Southern California Professional Wedding Photographers. It's like family where a lot of my good friends, referral base, 2nd shooters and support system comes from. They don't put up with big egos, BS and the disrespect that we sometimes see in a lot of these groups. The reality is that we're each others competition but once in awhile, you have people who understand in order to grow, you the need the support of good people around you. I been pretty lucky the last 3 years making these connections and friendships where it's allowed me to grow this passion of mine to a business I'm proud of. With a total 600 person guest list of coordinators, florist, photographers, video, DJ's and industry professionals, we had about 40 people come out. it was a pretty amazing night. #Greatful #TheKnot #TheKnotRocksOC We rallied everyone and got a huge group pic. Thanks @Theknot @theknotpro


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