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22 hours ago

It's okay to take time for you You are the whole Universe Love yourself as such Release yourself from toxicity If it doesn't serve you It doesn't serve the rest of existence

3 days ago

Unbelievably grateful for... ...the yoga community local/global ...this body ever changing teachers near and far ...students eager to relearn yoga transforms who I am If you are seeing this Thank you for being you Stay inspired Keep growing We are making the shift happen Can you feel it? Sending you all of my love

6 days ago

All the lady bits colored over & blurred out Gently coming back into alignment Listening to her cues Adopting her pace Working with the elemental forces Feeling our way back Into Mother Nature's rhythms Loving each blissful expansion Moving deeper into our oneness

1 week ago

Our thoughts create our reality As I dive deeper I encounter Thought forms deep in the subconscious The body our most useful ally In rediscovering thoughts We didn't even know were there Shape shifting in our bodies We change all of reality Hermetic principle Cause and effect We are much more powerful than we think Begin where you are We are one Appreciating individuation Loving all of you as the same Self SAT NAM

1 week ago

The animal that therefore I am Why is it awkward being naked? We weren't born with clothes So accustomed to being in clothes I love it when I meet people And they've discovered my Insta They always trip on me in threads I decided to post nudes so as to... ...document the constant change muscle engagements ...demonstrate alchemy within/without ...respond to JP Sears yoga video ...deconstruct taboos around nudity Truth be told I felt incredibly uncomfortable in it I had big man arms from surfing And a little pudge that never went away Now I'm so comfortable in my own skin But I remember it's only temporary This body is on loan And it's changing every moment Keep exploring the microcosmic map of the universe that you are! Sending so much love

1 week ago

Letting my Stevie Nick's hair out Filling out my sphere of existence Loving mama Croz but also Mama Gaia Flooding space with prana Connecting Rama to Sita We are birthing a new paradigm And delivery feels absolutely amazing

1 week ago

There is no separation Only the deviations Everything is everything This vessel we are clearing Finding utmost joy in the process Loving each and everyone of us

1 week ago

New YouTube video up Link in bio In this installment of conversations with butt, we expound upon Ganesha, the Hindu elephant deity. The name Ganesha breaks down into the two words "gunas" and "isha" revealing the alchemical process for the yoga practitioner. Not to be worshipped as something outside of the Self, learn how to rearrange your own gunas for the benefit of all. OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA

2 weeks ago

Separation is an illusion We can intellectualize oneness But the distortions are Embedded in this body Our progress in idealized equality Falling apart all around us Really a blessing Tearing away the mask Burning away the illusion Lanka is on fire Time to stop pretending Shock em with that Electric-MAGNETIC feel I am you You are me We are LOVE

2 weeks ago

Relearning how to love all of us Little bit by little bit Remembering how to let the love in Finding joy in this moment All we have is now There's no skipping to the end The journey is infinite What does stay woke even mean? Fallen in love with waking up Karmas aren't gonna eat themselves Scrumptious indeed

2 weeks ago

The force is with us always Bringing balance to the polarities Shining light into darkness Keeping the peace By creating peace within We are microcosmic maps Of the entire universe Remembering our divine birth right Nothing can stop us

3 weeks ago

I love munching on the karmas Thank God we're infinite How does one eat karmas? Activate digestive fire of solar plexus Hold space and ride the breath Light the distortions on fire Carry back to the lungs Constrict back of the throat Listen to the sound they make Press tongue into roof of mouth Send the breath up to third eye Acknowledge how the illusion Causes pain and suffering Burn it up with the violet flame Release up through crown Open up to receive higher vibrations Energy is neither created nor destroyed It changes form Don't just believe in the good things coming Actively participate They taste beyond words amaze-balls

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