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1 hour ago

Magically making my nipples disappear Relearning how to hold space without fear I am you you are me same Self reflections Being love and dismissing all distractions Coming off it, I know I am Shiva, as are you Far out, been had so good, now through Remembering how to dance the Tandava Joyfully lighting myself on fire to eat karmas Trusting fully in the alchemical process Merging blissfully with unity consciousness

4 hours ago

Conversations with butt New moon energy How to work with it as a yogi See full video Link in bio Molly cameo

4 days ago

The natural state of the soul Is happiness SOUL = SOL = SUN Astral body of third chakra solar plexus Staying true to this Shedding illusions of separateness Every expansion in every direction The old desires fall away Only spiritual desire remains And then it too falls away As I find joy in the burn

1 week ago

Little baby steps Relearning how to hold space The lovers are within The love affair of a lifetime Gets more and more passionate As we dive deeper into the cosmos Exploring inner space Wouldn't trade it for the world Although I have heard World peace may be a byproduct Sounds cool Be love

1 week ago

The things we own Own us We can't just wake up In an instant from the pod Inner renunciation before outer Then the wires slowly pop off We are not born into this world We are born out of it And there lies the thread back To a world in which We are not used for our energy Like batteries powering Corporate schemes But instead channeling Cosmic energy straight up For the benefit of all beings Alchemical love is the answer Shedding the illusions Our true identity oneness

1 week ago

Go ahead and turn me into a meme The gig is up I know I am you There is no unplugging from the matrix But we can and will rewrite it I am fully immersed Polishing the mirror Cleaning the spherical room The negativity doesn't effect like it used to I am Neo, I can stop the bullets Reading the code now everything informs The vibrational frequency is rising

2 weeks ago

Oh my God Me is we Loving us So deeply Universe within Projects Universe without Dualism and nondualism The same Self Appreciating individuation Waking up slowly Savoring our merging Yoga yoke union Got lost in the play So far out We are that We're it Love ❤️

3 weeks ago

In order for a species to evolve It may experience environmental pressure Mother Earth is our home We have no other Greed is manipulating governing bodies Reminding us to grow into Our inherent Self sovereignty Invoking fire and flowing with breath To unearth our siddhis In the awareness of oneness For the benefit of all beings Trust in the alchemical process Relearn how to hold space The time is now Embody

3 weeks ago

Natural state of the soul is happiness Soul = solar plexus = third chakra Element is fire Aligning with our divine purpose Every day a burnt offering How many transformational festivals Does one need to go to To realize the festival is within The Burning Man is us We are already home

3 weeks ago

People ask "why nudity?" I am a practicing brahmacari Dwelling in the vastness of creation External reality a reflection A map for redirecting cosmic energy Opening the channel a conduit When we conduct enough kundalini 100th monkey theory All will feel our oneness We will be able to walk the earth Without worrying about transgressions The other seen as the same Self Returning back to Eden Adam and Eve are Ida and Pingala Lovers are within All will know the true nature of our identity Grateful for this body By listening to her story We heal all ancestral history Relearning how to love the entire Universe Desexualizing the human body Undoing the dehumanizing Coming back home to the Self The body the temple Love is the answer

3 weeks ago

Inspiration conduit Lightning in your spine Reveals there is no separation Between you and I We are the same Self Expressing through different time lines All is one Embodying sacred geometry Alignment the key to divinity Change is here Humanity is evolving Relearning how to hold space Making the body a fit vehicle for spirit The spirit moves the matter Trust in your innate creative genius Follow your bliss Annihilating distortion with awareness AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA

4 weeks ago

Oh come off it Shiva You know who you are We get so caught up in the act Each of us the same actor Playing each and every role We forget our infinite potential Remembering how to connect Is not the same as google searching Adopting her pace Working with the elemental forces Embodying divinity Root to crown unity consciousness There will be no need for social media Wealth and fame are illusory How will history remember you? Did you become a conduit A clear channel between Mother Earth and father sky Or did you resist change and buy into the illusion for 3D sense object gratification The shift is happening Red pill or blue pill Fight to protect the illusion of separateness Or surrender to our true nature oneness Loving all of us as the same Self Love is all there is I choose red pill

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