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@thefront We are so proud to announce that New Deep South: Kayla is nominated for a @GLAAD media award for Outstanding Digital Journalism!

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Video by @maggiesteber. In Havana, Cuba, laundry hanging from the balconies of beautiful old buildings in the city center dries in the breeze. I was in Havana a couple of weeks ago leading a wonderful group of people in a @natgeoexpeditions photographic exploration of one of the worlds most beautiful cities, uplifted after years of neglect. Cubans know how to make the best of difficult situations. It is in their character to create beauty. I have been to this city countless times since 1982. Havana always reminded me of a beautiful woman who tried to hide her aging by putting on a little lipstick to brighten her face. For years paint was scarce as were building materials. Now thanks to her being named as a world heritage site Havana is re-claiming her bright and shiny self. This is the time to see this beautiful city before things change too much because they will. They will take a more modern turn and that's good for Cuba but I hope Cubans can hold onto the memory of a past that reflects their remarkable resilient character. The whole city is a museum of great architecture, history, nostalgia, and courage. Havana is still as beautiful and accessible as ever and this is because of her great people. Even the laundry hanging from the beautiful Art Deco balconies knows how to move with the sensuality that inhabits the whole country and its people. #natgeoexpeditions #havana #cuba #reduxpictures #natgeotravel #natgeocreative #thephotosociety #seeforyourself #traveltheworld

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"A butterfly in flight stimulates my imagination. I lose myself in time and I start making holes. - - I do not want to make a painting. I want to open up space." - - LUCIO FONTANA - - Italian 'Spatialist' Lucio Fontana was born on the 19th of February 1899. - - - Lucio Fontana, 'Concetto Spaziale', 1951 (51 B 17). - - #astralweeks #luciofontana #cosmic #blackholes #celestial #italianart

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