Lauren Orlando

@laurenosplash  i wanna be a shooting star to reach the sky where u are -uchiha obito

2 days ago

i slept at 5pm and i woke up at 5am :) tf how cool?! - tag lauren? @laurenorlando88 miss ya

4 days ago

So @cakesquadbabes open members, we just pick up for 3 person so we give the rules. Read below to join our squad! - Rules: - 1. Follows the lead 1st! @laurensheavens ,@babylaurenz ,@laurensgorgeous and @shinylaureno .who unfollow and block us we will report and block u back! - 2. Make an edit and icon with laurens photo! Just one, post more? Block! Dont forget to use a hashtag #csbopenmembers - 3. If you had a squad. Dont join this! - 4. You must had a fp for lauren or johnny *now we're allowed for johnny fp tho* - 5. Would like not to be silent riders. Or ur gonna be out of our squad! - 6. Dont join our squad if you r just wanna get her notices! - 7. Dont make any problems to this squad! - So that our rules. Ikr this rules was v hard, but I hope that you know why we do this hard rules for something. Any question ask on DM! Cr; @babylaurenz for the edits

1 week ago

kinda proud of this :) opinion? im wrong at the watermark😩 - @laurenorlando88 miss ya sm

2 weeks ago

ignore 3/3

2 weeks ago

ignore 2/3

2 weeks ago

ignore 1/3

2 weeks ago

-she liked♡ so i want to join bc i want to have more ibf♡ not for lauren notice, hope i can joinn #lh_chatwithlauren

2 weeks ago

actually need more ppls but ok thankss again for all who participation♡ probably give it to lauren when she come to indonesia :)) i wrote all of u so dont worry

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