@laurenosplash  we will break the distance♡

1 week ago

oki ill answer all of the question rn @laurenovibes how long did you breath?😆 ~i actually never breathe :v @ilovelaureno Where u get an original pic? ~from google and twitter @laurengodness Where you get templates? ~from @stickerymendes and @stxckers @laurenactivity How long have you jomblo? ~i never be taken w someone :V for lifetime @defineslaureno Where u get templates, overlays and filter? ~from @stickerymendes and @stxckers for filter i used prisma @johnny_tweets What apps do you use for editing¿ ~i used superimpose, phonto, prisma @laurenocanadian How much u love me? ~oh i hate u so much bbg😚😚 @laurengodness do u ship LAYDEN? ~ofc yesss @affectiverubyrose who is your Favorite fanpages for Laurenators? ~all of laurenators fanpages!1!1 @deeplyorlando which Johnny's fanpage that you love sm? 💛 ~i love all of jo's fanpagess @lauren_nadia_ruby_fans Can u follow me😝? ~already from long time ago @laurenosquad What do you like on my acc?😘💘 ~oh bbg i love ur acc so so muchh and also love youuu😚 @kendlylauren What is your favorite colour? ~pink,blue,purple and black @alwaysjohnnyo When did you started making this account? ~on june 22 2016 - - THANKS FOR THE QUESTIONS dont forget to tag lauren:)

1 week ago

im so confused bout new theme :' idk what theme should i make, pls someone give me inspo😢😂 - tag her? @laurenorlando88 miss yaaa sm

2 weeks ago

im so lazy to post something:' so this is the bad one - tag her? @laurenorlando88 miss yaa

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