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@kendalliciously  ☁My queen lives in America, not England☁ 💌Love my 1.4k kendicanes💌

4 days ago

Might leave this account. None of you are active and you dont deserve my time and my editing. It makes me sad because I love you guys but you just dont put effort in... I will make the desicion later ;(

5 days ago

Queen maddie. You guys arent active at all. 7 likes for most posts and ive got 1485 followers. This is bad :( @maddieziegler

1 week ago

Love my brynny ❤ - Santa xx

1 week ago

Kendall-Killin it- Vertes - See the K does stand for something :) 💖😻 - Shoutout to my favourite children Gigi @zieglerpowerr and Carli @ldmixed ilysm 💖😋

1 week ago