Katie Bergman

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3 days ago

Haven't even been back a week and already plotting our return... this beautiful country is my obsession.

4 days ago

Out playing in a real live snow globe by 9am. 1/11/17

6 days ago

After 10 hrs on a plane and 10 days gone we made it home last night to our baby boy. It feels so good to be home and yet our third trip to Ireland was by far our best! We drove 20+ hrs on roads that would be considered bike paths having to catch our breath after every turn and thanking God we were still alive😂, stayed in a farm house with no address in the middle of no where, got lost in the green of the hills, saw at least a million sheep, listened to traditional Irish music in the best pubs, and so much more. Well back to reality and I couldn't be happier.

1 week ago

If someone said describe what you think of when I say the word Ireland this would be it folks. #ringofkerry

1 week ago

Giants Causeway 🇨🇮

2 weeks ago

New Years Eve 2016 in Dublin, Ireland you will never be forgotten. 🍾🍾🎉🎉

2 weeks ago

We made it to Dublin, Ireland today!! The city is alive with people flooding the streets for the after Christmas sales. I could listen to their Irish accents all day every day, eat all the lamb stew in Ireland and still not get enough, and no matter what pub you walk in the local music and pints of beer are fabulous. Hope everyone has a fabulous start to 2017, Cheers. 🍾🍻

2 weeks ago

It's crazy to think Christmas is over! It was so great though! Opened presents, sat in the hot tube while it poured freezing rain, played way to much buck hunter, and didn't get out of our pj's. Now it's time to take down all the Christmas decor and pack our bags for New Years in Ireland. 🤗

3 weeks ago

It Christmas Eve and so far we have taken a long nap, played cards, made lots of goodies, had a bonfire, played football on the frozen lake, went in the hot tube, and now going to church. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas.

1 month ago

Going stir crazy inside already so we escaped outside for all of ten minutes in this 3 degree weather but it made all the difference to him and to see that smile I would do just about anything.

1 month ago

Snowy sense with my two babies. ❄️👶🏼🐶

1 month ago

Early Sunday morning gingerbread house making with my sick boy. There is nothing better than snowy lazy mornings at the cabin in pajamas.

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